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SAVE FOOD and allfo fight together against food waste

The SAVE FOOD initiative has been committed to combating global food loss since it was founded in 2011. The cooperation is carried out by the United Nations' World Food Organization, FAO, the United Nations Environment Program, UNEP, and Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, and aims to network stakeholders from business, politics and research. The resulting stimulated dialog is intended to help develop solutions along the food value chain. The aim is also to initiate and promote own SAVE FOOD projects with the support of industry.

allfo is a member of SAVE FOOD

The allfo Group, together with the companies allfo, brevac and allvac has also been a member of the initiative since 2019 and thus comes together with 120 companies that have now joined the initiative. There are also around 230 NGOs and research institutions registered with the United Nations' World Food Organization (FAO). Together with the members, SAVE FOOD aims to drive innovation, promote interdisciplinary dialog and initiate debates in order to create solutions - along the entire value chain from the field to the consumer.

Together against hunger in the world

With conviction, we as the allfo Group have joined the demands of SAVE FOOD, which urges the global community to meet its millennium goals. An essential component is the fight against hunger. There is also a push for clever and sustainable production and packaging concepts for better care for a growing population worldwide. Here we see our main task in developing pioneering products and bringing them to market. The first results at allfo are the VAC 95+ vacuum bag, which is fully recyclable. With VACrenew, we have also brought a vacuum bag to the market that is made from renewable raw materials. We are happy to support the approach of the SAVE FOOD initiative to act against the general “throw-away mentality” and to increase respect for food. Our SAVE FOOD membership fits harmoniously into our sustainability recipe, which is described in detail in our sustainability report.

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