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Printed bags score at the point of sale

Allfo vacuum bags are more than just functional. Many types in our portfolio are highly transparent, appearing brilliantly at the point of sale to convince your customers. In addition, your advertising message and product information can be easily printed on the high-quality vacuum bags. Our popular stand-up pouches, for example, even offer a relatively large surface for our flexo printing technology in up to ten colours.


Our flexo printing technology excels by brilliant colours and a consistently high print quality. This process is ideal for making vacuum bags flexible and of high grade quality. In cooperation with our partners we will be happy to advise you in order to achieve the best possible print image for your vacuum bags.


Vacuum bag "BBQ"

Barbecue specialities attractively packaged. Perfect for the warm summer days.



Vacuum bag "Wood-look"

Looking for that rustic look? Then order the wood-look bag today!


Vacuum bag "Stone-look"

Stylish in stone - the bag that perfectly sets the scene for fine food. 

Vacuum bag "Christmas" 

At Christmas and the following holidays, food should be packed especially beautifully. We offer our Christmas classic for this purpose. 


Pet food






Bread & pastries