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The functionality of ALLFO vacuum bags is impressively versatile

Allfo vacuum bags prolong the shelf life of products and facilitate space-saving transport, due to their reduced volume. The vacuum fixes the product in the package and protects it from mechanical influences. Vacuum bags are suitable for packing food, medical products as well as industrial and consumer goods.


Their functionality provides for a multitude of desirable results. The extraction of oxygen is essential in the food industry in order to prevent the multiplication of oxygen-dependent microorganisms and to reduce the oxidation process. Given that cooking, freezing and an appealing product presentation are also features of modern vacuum packaging, ALLFO vacuum bags provide for a correspondingly high level of functionality.


Variety of ALLFO vacuum bags and their functionality at a glance:


During pasteurisation, food is heated to a core temperature of less than 100°C, depending on the product. Allfo cook-in bags as well as shrink-cook-in bags have proven to be ideal for this process. They are made of premium quality PA/PE barrier film, heat- and cold resistant and available in numerous thicknesses and formats.


In sterilisation processes, products such as corn, goose liver or pet food are heated to over 100°C in an allfo side seal bag OPA/PP 75/15 121°. This high-quality bag made of barrier film tolerates temperatures of up to 121°C and is therefore optimally suited for sterilisation in an autoclave.


Pre-prepared food and ready meals have become indispensable not only in canteen kitchens, but increasingly also in private households. Packaged in allfo cook-in bags, they are quickly prepared, bind almost no manpower and taste delicious. Chefs simply need to fry and garnish the food before serving.


The magic of the cooking spoon is visible in contemporary canteen kitchens when “Sous Vide” – vacuum cooking at low temperatures - is applied. At first, fish, meat, vegetables or fruit are vacuumed in allfo cook-in bags and then gently cooked for several hours – at times more than six hours.

Puncture resistance:

Spareribs, chops, steaks or other meat products often share one thing: Pointed bones requiring particularly strong packaging. Its puncture resistance ensures a safe transport from the slaughterhouse to the refrigerated counter without any damages. For this purpose, allfo produces PA/PE vacuum bags with high puncture resistance and best barrier properties.

Tear-open aids:

Allfo offers functional tear-open aids for its vacuum bags, which can also be easily opened by people with motoric disabilities.


A selection of allfo bag types can be resealed by the classic zipper, which is a pressure seal. The advantage is that the bag opening can be reclosed almost liquid-tight. Our HookVak with its practical Velcro function is an alternative option for resealing bags.


Vacuuming is about providing long shelf life for food, fixing products in packaging, reducing the volume of the packaging or simply facilitating transport. To achieve this, the goods to be packaged are placed in allfo vacuum bags. By means of a vacuum chamber machine the air is extracted from the bag and finally sealed.

Do you have any questions regarding the functionality of allfo vacuum bags? We look forward to your call or your mail.