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ALLFO vacuum bags with high puncture resistance for safe packaging of pointed products

Spareribs, chops, steaks or other meat products often have one thing in common: pointed bones that require particularly firm packaging in order to ensure safe transport from slaughterhouse to refrigerated counters without any damage. For this purpose, allfo produces PA/PE vacuum bags with high puncture resistance and optimum barrier properties. The special film structure with thicknesses starting from 80my reliably protects the packaging from being punctured by pointed foodstuffs, thus preventing premature spoilage caused by unwanted air-penetration. In addition, our side seal bags retain the food’s aroma, prolong its shelf life and convince with an appealing appearance at the point of sale. Non-food objects such as screws, electronic parts or machine components receive an equally secure packaging with our puncture resistant vacuum bags.


Side seal bags with excellent puncture resistance

Allfo supplies side seal bags in various formats made of premium quality PA/PE composite film, which is produced on state-of-the-art facilities by the sister company allvac. The PA (polyamide) provides an oxygen barrier and aroma protection. PE (polyethylene) ensures outstanding sealing properties as well as a moisture barrier. Our classic is the transparent side seal bag with 90my.

Excellent puncture resistance is provided not only by our three-edged bag, but also by a wide range of special composites offering superior product safety and aroma protection. Films with outstanding puncture resistance are available in thicknesses of up to 220my. Printing is an option for all types.

Overview of our variants:

Given that our warehouse is stocked with an extensive range of side seal bags in various formats, we can assure you fastest delivery.

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