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ALLFO vacuum bags withstand even pointed bones

Lamb legs, ribs of pork or spareribs have one thing in common: The meat is attached to the bone. This can be an issue if the appropriate vacuum bag is not used when vacuum packing meat pieces with bones. For this purpose, allfo offers bag types, so-called strong bags, with a particularly high puncture resistance, which prevents air leakage and protects the bones from damage.

Harder and more resistant

Vacuum bags including these special properties are often made of barrier film with an increased PA content and are therefore particularly resistant. Many of our customers opt four our three-edged bag for packaging pieces of meat with bones. In addition, we supply a wide range of special compounds that offer high product safety and aroma protection. The films with high puncture resistance are available in thicknesses up to 220my. All types can be delivered as printed variants.

Bones and smoked ham

Aside from packaging bones, these special vacuum bag types are often used to securely wrap Applications food smoked ham, which sometimes have rather angular surfaces. In addition to their high puncture resistance, our bags also protect the flavours reliably. ALLFO vacuum bags provide meat with bones or ham optimum protection even when they are deep-frozen. Well received by butchers is the fact that our vacuum bags come with a particularly glossy surface and thus guarantee an excellent appearance in the sales counter.

Vacuum bags for bones:

  • Strong bags with particularly high puncture resistance
  • No risk of air leakage
  • Appealing look
  • Can be printed
  • Strong image at the POS

Do you intend to package meat products with pointed bones and need advice? Let us know. Just give us a call or write to us.