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Cheese maturing packaging: optimized ripening for the perfect cheese enjoyment

As a manufacturer with many years of experience, we produce customized multilayer films on state-of-the-art extrusion lines for the precise maturing of semi-soft and fi rm semi-hard and hard cheeses. Thanks to a film structure that is individually tailored to your product, we achieve a precisely defined gas permeability that enables optimum ripening and continuous CO2 release.


The cheese ripening bags are characterized by their excellent puncture resistance, minimize „air pullers“ and are available individually, on rolls or on a chain in transparent, colored or printed versions. Compared to traditional cheese rind ripening, PA/PE or optional ripening bags with EVOH barrier offer considerable rationalization potential. They enable reproducible quality without weight loss. This leads to considerably reduced storage and maintenance costs.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Optimal solution thanks to product-oriented advice
  • Customised film structure for different applications
  • Intelligent gas exchange supports optimum ripening process
  • Longer shelf life thanks to optimum product protection against oxygen, moisture and microorganisms
  • Preserves aroma and taste
  • Cost efficiency through reduced storage and maintenance costs
  • Film or bags can be colored and printed

Do you have any questions about our cheese maturing packaging?

The right cheese maturing packaging for your product:

Loose bags

We offer er a large selection of tubular and sealed bags in various sizes and materials.


They are designed to adapt perfectly to the shape of the packaged cheese and at the same time ensure stable and secure packaging.

Chain bag

They have been specially developed for the automatic packaging process and consist of multi-layer maturing bags that are joined together by a tape.

Rolls (film)

Provides a flexible packaging solution for cheese and enables the production of customised packaging for individual cheese sizes and shapes.

We offer you the following additional customisation options for our cheese maturing packaging:


The film can be coloured blue, yellow, green, red and white. Other colours are available on request.



Our flexographic printing with up to 10 colors delivers high quality and ensures brilliant colors and an optimal print image.


Frequently asked questions about cheese maturing packaging

What factors need to be considered when choosing the right cheese maturing bag?

Choosing the right cheese maturing bag depends on various factors. This includes the type and size of the cheese, the ripening conditions, protection and shelf life as well as transport and storage requirements.

Why is personalised advice and experience in cheese maturing so important?

Individualised advice and experience in cheese maturing is crucial, as every cheese manufacturer has different requirements. An experienced consultant can help to find the right packaging solution that meets the specific requirements and fulfils the highest quality standards.

What are the advantages of film ripening cheese?

With film ripening, the ripening process of the cheese takes place in a special film that allows ripening gases to escape while preventing oxygen from entering. This enables controlled ripening and results in less weight loss of the cheese compared to the conventional method. Another advantage is that the cheese matures without rind formation, as it is sealed off from ambient oxygen and no salt treatment is required.

Which packaging solutions are suitable for automated cheese production processes?

Chain bags and film rolls are suitable for the automated production of cheese. Chain bags consist of multi-layer maturing bags that are connected and rolled up by a tape and enable a smooth process in automated production lines. Film rolls offer more flexibility by allowing customised packaging to be produced for different cheese sizes and shapes.

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