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ALLFO vacuum bags increase the shelf life of fresh meat

Meat is one of the most sensitive products as it can spoil quickly. Butchers and meat cutting companies are therefore confronted daily with the high demands of meat packaging. The packaging itself should not only look attractive, but above all protect meat and sausage products from external influences during transport, storage and in the sales counter. The increased demands of consumers in terms of product quality and versatility, product presentation and packaging handling make packaging processes a continuous challenge. Allfo, Europe’s market leader for vacuum bags made of PA/PE barrier films, is confidently responding to the most demanding requests of meat processing companies and butchers with its portfolio.

Chequered side seal bags

The classic packaging option for meat is the side seal bag, which can also be found in butchers’ counters as a red or blue-white chequered variant. The bags made of high-quality PA/PE barrier film are available in both numerous formats and large quantities. PA (polyamide) provides an oxygen barrier and aroma protection while PE (polyethylene) ensures the moisture barrier and excellent sealing properties. Both components are vital to guarantee meat an increased shelf life and an appetizing appearance.

Meat packaged in tubular bags

A perfect presentation of meat is ensured by our tubular bags, which enable a seamless, brilliant appearance at the point of sale. The bags can be sealed on all common vacuum chamber machines and, depending on the customer’s requirements, can also be individually printed with up to ten colours.

Vacuum bags for meat:

  • Prevent premature spoilage
  • Extend expiration date
  • Protect during transport and storage
  • Supports strong-selling appearance
  • Available as printed versions

Do you intend to package meat and have questions about our packaging solutions? We look forward to your call or your mail.