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Vacuum bags from ALLFO keep many food products fresh for longer

Every year, the food industry produces millions of tons of food, which need to be packaged for transport, storage and sale. Meat and meat products, dairy and cheese products, potatoes, vegetables and dried fruit all benefit from packaging that is resilient and yet appealing. Space-saving packaging that not only protects food but also ensures longer shelf life is more in demand than ever. Allfo vacuum bags meet all these requirements in the food sector. The high-quality bags made of PA/PE barrier film slow down the decomposition process caused by microorganisms and enzymes while retaining important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Vacuum packaged foods are protected from undergoing any changes in appearance or flavour.

Vacuum bags also provide perfect conditions for meat maturation. Even larger amounts can be preserved in allfo vacuum bags. In the food sector, vacuum bags are additionally utilised for pre-portioning meat, sausages and cheese at the point of sale.


Shrink bags safely and hygienically package fresh meat and meat products, frozen fish and non-ripening cheese. Multilayer bags are ideal for maturing cheese. It is very much in line with the trend to prepare tasty dishes at low temperatures in the so-called Sous-Vide process. After gentle cooking in allfo cook-in bags, the dishes only need to be arranged on the plate and served.

Vacuum bags offer numerous advantages:

  • Reliable food protection during transport, storage and in retail
  • Especially designed for meat, sausages, dairy and cheese products, potatoes, vegetables and dried fruit
  • Space-saving packaging
  • Slow down decomposition process caused by microorganisms and enzymes
  • Retain vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients

Application examples for allfo vacuum bags can be found here.

Our vacuum bags for food at a glance:

Do you have questions about the packaging of your food assortment? Then we will be happy to advise you. Just give us a call or write to us.



ALLFO vacuum bags increase the shelf life of fresh meat

Meat is one of the most sensitive products as it can spoil quickly. Butchers and meat cutting companies are therefore confronted daily with the high demands of meat packaging. The packaging itself should not only look attractive, but above all protect meat and sausage products from external influences during transport, storage and in the sales counter. The increased demands of consumers in terms of product quality and versatility, product presentation and packaging handling make packaging processes a continuous challenge. Allfo, Europe’s market leader for vacuum bags made of PA/PE barrier films, is confidently responding to the most demanding requests of meat processing companies and butchers with its portfolio.

Chequered side seal bags

The classic packaging option for meat is the side seal bag, which can also be found in butchers’ counters as a red or blue-white chequered variant. The bags made of high-quality PA/PE barrier film are available in both numerous formats and large quantities. PA (polyamide) provides an oxygen barrier and aroma protection while PE (polyethylene) ensures the moisture barrier and excellent sealing properties. Both components are vital to guarantee meat an increased shelf life and an appetizing appearance.

Meat packaged in tubular bags

A perfect presentation of meat is ensured by our tubular bags, which enable a seamless, brilliant appearance at the point of sale. The bags can be sealed on all common vacuum chamber machines and, depending on the customer’s requirements, can also be individually printed with up to ten colours.

Vacuum bags for meat:

  • Prevent premature spoilage
  • Extend expiration date
  • Protect during transport and storage
  • Supports strong-selling appearance
  • Available as printed versions

Do you intend to package meat and have questions about our packaging solutions? We look forward to your call or your mail.

ALLFO vacuum bags keep fish fresh

Freshly caught fish must be processed quickly in order to optimally retain its quality. Therefore it is usually processed and frozen while still on the ship. Ready meals in packaging suitable for cooking are increasingly popular with consumers, so it is hardly surprising that vacuum bags from allfo are also the first choice for packaging fish. The bags’ excellent sealing properties, their puncture resistance and temperature tolerances from minus 40°C to plus 121°C make them suitable for a wide range of applications. There is no risk of flex-cracking or discoloration during storage or transport, even with frozen fish.

Numerous bag types for fish

To the growing market of fresh, frozen and smoked fish, ALLFO offers a well-equipped warehouse with numerous bag types, which are quickly available in different thicknesses and sizes, including various functionalities, even in large quantities. Good for the consumer to know: The vitamins and fatty acids of fish dishes are equally preserved when frozen or during the cooking process. The same applies, of course, to the taste, texture and colour of the fish.

Individual packaging solutions

In case the right bag is not in stock, our in-house product development offers the opportunity to create your own individual solution for your packaging project. You provide the fish - we bring innovation, experience and competence, complemented by the quality of our materials, professional production and fast delivery. In the end, your fish is perfectly packaged and convinces your customers at the point of sale.

Vacuum bags for fish:

  • Suitable for freshly caught fish
  • Tolerate temperatures from -40°C to +121°C
  • Wide range of different bag types
  • Vitamins and fatty acids are retained
  • Appetizing taste, texture and colour of the fish is maintained throughout preparation

Do you intend to package fish and would like to know which vacuum bag is the right choice? We will be happy to advise you. Just give us a call or write to us.

ALLFO vacuum bags are the perfect packaging for cheese

Cheese must be tasty and attractively packaged. Allfo vacuum bags not only preserve the flavour and taste of your cheese, but also increase its shelf life. Quite a few cheese varieties gain the desired ripeness in our vacuum bags. Aside from a large assortment, we also offer individual product and packaging solutions. Regardless of whether you intend to package equal-weight portions or chunks from the block, there is always a suitable vacuum bag made of high-quality PA/PE barrier films available for each of your products in our large warehouse – from side seal bags to stand-up pouches with practical opening aids.

More than 200 bag types in stock

This guarantees high availability and fast delivery of bags, which share around 3500 pallet spaces in our modern warehouse. A good 200 bag types, differing in size, shape and material thickness, are immediately available in large quantities, such as the allfo side seal bag, of which alone we keep around 140 sizes with a film thickness of 90my in stock.

Packaging cheese hygienically and safely

No matter which type of bag you choose as the perfect packaging solution for your product: cheese cubes, sticks, round loaves or grated cheese are always packaged hygienically and safely. We provide sample bags to offer you the ultimate assurance that your cheese stays fresh and in shape and entices consumers to purchase at the point of sale. It is important to us that our business relationship always focuses on the appetizing presentation and functionality of the product.

Vacuum bags for cheese:

  • Seasoning and flavours are preserved
  • Optimum maturation process
  • Intelligent and efficient gas exchange
  • High gloss and transparent
  • Available as printed versions

Which type of cheese are you planning to package? We would be happy to advise you! Just give us a call or write to us.

Vegetables retain their freshness with ALLFO vacuum bags

Consumers want food to be as natural as possible when it is preserved. Vegetables are among the products that have long since become an indispensable source of healthy food and therefore it is particularly important to retain their naturalness. This also applies to crispy corn on the cob or spicy beetroot. Both types of vegetables are sterilized in vacuum bags from allfo in order to prevent germs on the surface while preserving this delicious treat for as long as possible.

Sterilization in an autoclave

This process is carried out by heating the yellow cobs or the red vegetables to over 100 degrees in an allfo side-seal bag OPA/PP 75/15 121°, a high-quality bag made of barrier film tolerating temperatures of up to 121°C. This particular feature makes this bag type perfectly suitable for sterilization in an autoclave in order to extend the shelf life and improve the safety of the product without the use of preserving agents.

ALLFO vacuum bags for demanding gastronomic enterprises

Even canteen kitchens, which are increasingly turning into sophisticated restaurants, have discovered vacuum bags from allfo when processing vegetables. In order to maintain perfect time management at peak times, more and more chefs are turning to prefabricated meals that are packaged in portions in cooking bags and heated as required. The demands on the quality and the degree of prefabrication of the goods are high. The packaging concept applied makes a decisive contribution to the quality. Allfo’s response to this demand is to keep a large variety of vacuum bags in stock, such as the cook-in bag, for packaging prefabricated vegetables.

Vegetables and potatoes

Vacuum bags are just as frequently used by companies involved in the prefabrication of fresh food. For example, potatoes as a healthy side dish in a wide variety of processing variants are also pre-packaged in vacuum bags in order to take over their share of a tasty meal in addition to vegetables.

Vacuum bags for vegetables

  • Natural foods receive a longer shelf-life
  • Ideal for crispy corncobs or spicy beetroot
  • Suitable for many types of potatoes
  • The perfect choice for sterilization in autoclaves
  • Tolerate temperatures up to 121°C

Which type of vegetable do you intend to package? We will be glad to advise you on all questions about our wide range of vacuum bags. Just give us a call or write to us.

ALLFO vacuum bags preserve the special flavour of spices

Chilli, green pepper, fish and/or grill spices, dried herbs or colourful spice mixes from all over the world – the spice shelves in supermarkets offer a wide range of international powders, grains and spice mixes that bring variety to the kitchen and provide all kinds of flavours for versatile menus in the gastronomy. They all have one thing in common: spices are very sensitive and susceptible to germs and spores. Once spices or exclusive salts are packaged in Allfo vacuum bags made of high-quality PA/PE composite film, these risks for manufacturers, retailers and consumers are practically eliminated. The products remain dry, free flowing and sterile and are well protected against undesirable external influences during transport. Allfo keeps different sizes and thicknesses in stock for any batch size and product quantity in order to ensure customers full supply and the advantage of speedy delivery. Our extensive assortment ranges from classic side-seal bags to individually printed stand-up pouches.

Resealability preserves the aroma

Some bag types are resealable and equipped with the practical HookVak, an innovative Velcro closure. The sealing seam of this bag type is situated above the reclosure unit, which is why the vacuum-sealed bag is firstly sealed airtight. If required, the bag can be opened above the reclosure unit in the classic way and the goods removed in the desired quantity. The Velcro is then simply closed again. The HookVak is easier to handle with chunky or free-flowing products such as herbs or dried mushrooms.

Stable pouches for spices

Our stand-up pouches not only look stunning, they are also absolutely stable, which can be an essential feature especially when packing spices. Their low weight, the high barrier of the vacuum bag and the practical HookVak closure guarantee perfect product presentation at the point of sale. In everyday use, the stand-up pouch is convincing because it prevents spices from losing their aroma or odours from penetrating or escaping.

Vacuum bags for spices:

  • Protection from germs and spores
  • No ingress of moisture
  • Product remains dry and free-flowing
  • Flavour and structure are retained
  • Various bags for a convincing brand-image

Which spice would you like to package? We will be pleased to advise you. Simply give us a call or write to us.

High-quality pet food in ALLFO vacuum bags for healthy pets

Pet food has been produced industrially since the 1950s and offers the best conditions for the beloved pets to cover their daily needs for calories, minerals and vitamins. In order to maintain the quality of pet food, it is packaged in vacuum bags from allfo.

Stand-up pouches or side-seal bags from allfo

In addition to the “complete feed”, which is often found packaged in our stand-up pouches on the shelves, pet food from by-products of fresh meat production is preserved in side-seal bags. The high-quality PA/PE barrier films from which allfo vacuum bags are made ensure that germs are kept out.

Pet food is sterilized with steam

Steam sterilization is another processing method applied in the production of pet food. This means that the worldwide trend to preserve food by means of steam and without preserving agents does not leave out this billion-dollar market. Pet food is sterilized by heating it to over 100 degrees in an allfo side-seal bag OPA/PP 75/15 121°C. Its temperature tolerance of up to 121°C makes this high-performance bag perfectly suitable for sterilization in an autoclave.   

High quality and well balanced

Consumers have come to realise that industrially produced pet food is closely monitored for safety and nutritional balance. It contains the right amount of energy and nutrients and ensures good digestibility for pets like dogs or cats. Aside from that, professional packaging, such as vacuum bags from allfo, guarantees consistent quality maintenance.

Vacuum bags for pet food:

  • Stand-up pouches for “complete feed”
  • Side-seal bags for fresh meat production
  • Allow steam sterilization
  • Retain freshness, vitamins and nutrients
  • Can be imprinted with advertising message

Can we assist you in finding the appropriate vacuum bag for your pet food? We look forward to your call or your mail.

Crispy bread and baked goods packaged in vacuum bags

A significantly longer shelf life for bread & baked goods is ensured by packaging these products in vacuum bags from allfo. Bread rolls, ciabatta or pita bread can be crispy prepared by the consumer independently of all shop opening hours, as their freshness is fully retained.  Packaged with or without protective gas atmosphere, the pre-prepared bread and baked goods remain fresh and preserved, as germs or spores have no chance inside the vacuum bags. The removal of oxygen prevents the multiplication of oxygen-dependent microorganisms and slows down the oxidation process. Foil bags with an oxygen barrier prevent the damaging oxygen from penetrating again. Also own or other flavouring substances can neither escape nor penetrate.

Better utilization of production capacity, increased reach

Thanks to allfo’s powerful packaging solution, manufacturing companies can also go logistically completely different ways. The products can be manufactured with the aim of longer storage periods, which means that production can be better utilized as there is no time pressure on the shelf life of the products. By using vacuum bags, manufacturers can also dispense with chemical preservation, which is becoming less and less tolerated by consumers.

Vacuum bags with a high barrier also create reaches to customers across national borders and even continents. Longer distances and stronger climatic fluctuations can thus be controlled easily.

Vacuum bags in different sizes

Vacuum-packaged bread and baked goods in bags are still successful in the retail trade. The reason: they are very flexible in terms of product size, batch size and product geometry. The great asset: Companies packaging products of different sizes or geometries do not have to retool their machines every time.  It is sufficient for them to have different bag sizes in stock, which allfo can deliver quickly at any time, even in large quantities.

Vacuum bags for bread & baked goods:

  • Significantly longer shelf-life
  • Freshness is maintained, with or without protective gas atmosphere
  • Bread rolls, ciabatta or pita bread turn into crispy treats
  • Prevent the reproduction of oxygen-dependent microorganisms
  • Slow down the oxidation process

Which bread and baked goods would you like to package? We will be glad to advise you. Just give us a call or write to us.

Convenience food relies on ALLFO cook-in bags

Cooks love the benefits of convenience bags, which enable varied and high-quality meals even at peak times. Convenience food also meets the needs of consumers. The prefabricated products relieve the consumer of various work steps and speed up the preparation of meals. This is why convenience products are not only popular with cooks, but also with employees, singles, people with little cooking experience or little time as well as seniors.

Packaging is our priority

The packaging and presentation of convenience products comes to the fore when the ready-made dishes are stored and finally prepared. Generally, vacuum bags are used to perform functions according to specific requirements. Manufacturers of convenience products want to present their products to their customers in an optimal and appealing way. At the same time, further processing must be made as convenient as possible. For this purpose, our stand-up pouches, available in four standard sizes with a volume from 250 ml to two litres, are particularly suitable. Due to their temperature tolerance of up to 100°C, these bag types are also suitable for cooking processes.

Long shelf life – excellent flavour

Allfo cook-in bags are ideal for quick dishes, as their high-performance barrier film retains the flavours of the meals for a considerably long time. Prior to consumption, the soups, meat dishes, vegetables or stews only need to be heated, garnished and served. Cook-in bags from allfo not only tolerate temperatures of up to 121°C, but are also extremely reliable at temperatures as low as minus 40°C – without delamination, leaking, flex-cracking or streaking. This advantage is particularly interesting for food processing companies when freezing their products after pre-cooking. Convinced? Then you will certainly be pleased to know that we always have numerous bag sizes and types in stock, even in large quantities, so that we can quickly supply you with the perfect bag for your convenience products.  

Vacuum bags for convenience products

  • Ease routine work in canteen kitchens
  • Preparation of meals is more efficient
  • Appealing, appetizing presentation
  • Convenient processing
  • Quality of the meals is not compromised

We will be happy to advise you on any questions. Just give us a call or write to us.

ALLFO vacuum bags withstand even pointed bones

Lamb legs, ribs of pork or spareribs have one thing in common: The meat is attached to the bone. This can be an issue if the appropriate vacuum bag is not used when vacuum packing meat pieces with bones. For this purpose, allfo offers bag types, so-called strong bags, with a particularly high puncture resistance, which prevents air leakage and protects the bones from damage.

Harder and more resistant

Vacuum bags including these special properties are often made of barrier film with an increased PA content and are therefore particularly resistant. Many of our customers opt four our three-edged bag for packaging pieces of meat with bones. In addition, we supply a wide range of special compounds that offer high product safety and aroma protection. The films with high puncture resistance are available in thicknesses up to 220my. All types can be delivered as printed variants.

Bones and smoked ham

Aside from packaging bones, these special vacuum bag types are often used to securely wrap Applications food smoked ham, which sometimes have rather angular surfaces. In addition to their high puncture resistance, our bags also protect the flavours reliably. ALLFO vacuum bags provide meat with bones or ham optimum protection even when they are deep-frozen. Well received by butchers is the fact that our vacuum bags come with a particularly glossy surface and thus guarantee an excellent appearance in the sales counter.

Vacuum bags for bones:

  • Strong bags with particularly high puncture resistance
  • No risk of air leakage
  • Appealing look
  • Can be printed
  • Strong image at the POS

Do you intend to package meat products with pointed bones and need advice? Let us know. Just give us a call or write to us.

Soups in vacuum bags from ALLFO as take-away meals

Soups benefit from creative compositions that stimulate the taste. Restaurants and canteen kitchens have long recognised this fact. Their menus often offer carrot ginger soup or horseradish parsley root soup, but also classics such as potato soup with sausage or sophisticated vegetable stews. There are a number of special recipes for every season of the year, also excellent as take-away meals in the lunch break or as a warming snack between meals, and they are easy to sell.

Soups for easy processing

In the bistro, at the party service or in canteen kitchens – if the selection is right, the customer will be encouraged to choose, especially if the packaging promises trouble-free processing. It goes without saying that a distinction must be made between the requirements of the catering trade and those of a private household. Vacuum bags from allfo are always a perfect way to package soups as well as sauces. Space-saving, easy to transport and to heat, the liquid delicacies can be easily frozen with our cook-in bags as they tolerate temperatures between minus 40°C and 121°C. Particularly sales-promoting is the application of our stand-up pouches due to their temperature tolerance of up to 100°C and their integrated opening aid as an extra feature.

Printed bag variants for soups

Soups can be easily vacuum-packed in vacuum chamber machines. Printed variants are perfectly suitable for a professional appearance at the point of sale. In addition to butchers, restaurants and hotel kitchens, organic markets and farm shops are increasingly using allfo’s practical vacuum bags. Especially since we have been offering vacuum bags to this particular clientele, we have applied films made of up to 67 percent renewable materials for production.  

Vacuum bags for soups:

  • Facilitate routine work in gastronomy
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to heat up
  • Tolerate temperatures between minus 40°C and plus 121°C
  • Integrated opening aid upon request

Which kind of soup do you intend to package with our vacuum bags? We will be glad to advise you. Simply give us a call or write to us.

ALLFO vacuum bags protect potatoes in the shape of wedges or dumplings

Home-style raw potatoes, organic cooked potatoes in slices or small wedges, French fries or hash browns – the range of prefabricated and prepared potatoes is large and enriches numerous menus of restaurants and canteen kitchens. Also fruit and vegetable traders as well as the processing industry, such as potato salad producers, benefit from this professional offer. The relevant companies usually purchase the potatoes to be finished as raw potatoes directly from the farmer. Then they are cut either raw or pre-cooked according to special “cutting patterns”.

Processing potatoes without great effort

Finishing is the processing of potatoes delivered by farmers into peeled raw or pre-cooked potatoes in various “cutting patterns”. This offer is specially designed for gastronomic businesses that can process potatoes immediately and without great effort. Also potato pancakes and potato dumplings belong to this program. Since potato peeling is not everyone’s business in the private sector, there are also companies in industry offering these specific “peeling and cutting services”. Everyone has a special challenge to master: since potatoes oxidise quickly and turn black, it is important not only to be fast when processing the yellow tubers but also to remove the oxygen from the packaging.

Allfo vacuum bags for potato products

This is where vacuum bags from allfo come into play, with which potatoes retain their natural look for a long time. When packaging potatoes, not only the appetising appearance but also hygiene and shelf life are important issues, which is why this product group can be found almost exclusively in B2B vacuum bags and not in the retail sales counter. Depending on whether the potatoes or other vegetables are only packaged or also cooked in the bag, standard vacuum bags or special cook-in bags are suitable. Allfo keeps numerous bag types in stock for the different potato products and for various lot sizes, even in large quantities, so that your desired bag can be delivered quickly and reliably.

Vacuum bags for potatoes:

  • For prefabricated and prepared potatoes
  • Prevent oxidation of peeled potatoes
  • A visual delicacy over a long period of time
  • Suitable for all “cutting patterns”
  • Also for use with dumpling dough

For what purpose would you like to package potatoes with our vacuum bags? We will be glad to advise you. Just give us a call or write to us.

Sausage stays fresh longer with vacuum bags from ALLFO

Sausage is one of the most sensitive food products and requires special packaging for storage and transport. Vacuum bags from allfo have proven themselves for years for this demanding task. As the European market leader for vacuum bags, we know in which bag sausage can best be stored. Allfo offers a wide range of products for both wholesalers and butchers, which differ in shape, thickness and size, whether for semi dried sausages, bock sausages, sliced sausages or hams. Our tubular bags without side seams are particularly suitable for sausages, as they show off the product to its best advantage. 

Speedy delivery is guaranteed by the fact that we always have a large quantity of the most common sizes and varieties in stock - from classic vacuum bags with a thickness of 90my to individually designed bags. Not only sausages can be packaged in them; they are also used for cooking ham, or for giving Tyrolean speck a secure second skin which, despite its rustic surface, does not cause any risk of damage.  

High-performance packaging for sausage

High-performance packaging solutions, as we understand and supply them, are an important issue for strict quality management, which is a maxim for sausage manufacturers. Freshness, taste, rapid preparation, absence of residues and environmentally friendly production are vital parameters for meeting the high demands of consumers on food. Safe and efficient packaging processes are equally indispensable for this purpose. It goes without saying that numerous large companies and butchers place their trust in our high-performance vacuum bags. In order to confirm our customers’ trust in our bags, we attach great importance to optimum product quality and the best packaging. Allfo vacuum bags, characterised by a high oxygen barrier, a high mechanical strength and best sealing properties, can be used on all vacuum chamber machines.

Vacuum bags for sausages:

  • Ideal for semi dried sausages, bock sausages, sliced sausage or hams
  • Increased mechanical resilience
  • Prevent condensation and greasing
  • Can be imprinted with advertising message

Which type of sausage do you intend to package? We look forward to advising you. Simply give us a call or write to us.

Ready meals keep their flavour in ALLFO vacuum bags

Ready meals have become indispensable and are often served in canteen kitchens, restaurants and private households. The mostly industrially produced meals are prepared quickly as they only require heating and serving. Meat, vegetables and other side dishes are pre-cooked and offered in combination or as a one-component meal, such as stews or soups. In addition to industrial companies, butchers are also among the large-scale customers of allfo bags. However, they do not use our bags for packaging only their classics, such as sausage and meat. Since more and more butchers are also positioning themselves as catering companies as a second pillar of their enterprise, ready meals have become part of their special offers. Major advantage: Ready meals facilitate rationalisation as they ease peak times in the kitchen. Applications food convenience is the buzzword for the broad topic of “ready meals”. Its popularity is also reflected in convincing figures: 80 to 90 percent of all food reaches the consumer as ready-made meals.

Ready meals packaged in ALLFO vacuum bags

Ready meals are packaged in vacuum bags from allfo. The practical bags, available with different opening aids, provide ready meals with ideal protection against spoilage and external influences. Allfo stand-up pouches are attractive and popular with consumers, as they are extremely easy to handle and show off the ready meals to their best advantage. The desired character of the ready-made meal is maintained even after heating, while taste, flavour and nutrients are retained. These high-quality characteristics are ensured by the top-quality barrier properties of the allfo bags made of high-quality PA/PE film. In addition to the advantages of vacuuming food, this packaging solution allows ready meals to be heated or frozen without any problems.

Wide range of cook-in bags

Allfo cook-in bags are ideally suited for these processes as they tolerate temperatures from -40°C to +121°C without the risk of delamination, leakage, crack-flex or streaking. In accordance with the high requirements of industry, gastronomy and butchers, we keep a wide range of cook-in bags in stock, which enables us to supply our customers quickly, even in large quantities.

Vacuum bags for ready meals:

  • Especially for industrially produced meals
  • Facilitate efficiency and rationalisation
  • Alleviate peak times in kitchens
  • Protect ready meals reliably against spoilage and external influences
  • Available with various opening aids

Which types of ready meals do you intend to package? We will be happy to advise you. Simply give us a call or write to us.

Tarte flambée – packaged fresh and appetisingly in ALLFO vacuum bags

Tarte flambée is an Alsatian specialty and has become immensely popular in many different variations. Tarte flambée can be found on many menus in Alsace-Lorraine, Baden or the Palatinate but is very frequently prepared at home. It goes without saying that fresh tarte flambée is therefore offered in numerous, well-stocked refrigerated counters in supermarkets. The bottoms of tarte flambée, the dough pieces, are packaged without toppings in vacuum bags from allfo. They keep fresh for a long time without the use of preserving agents and can be quickly enriched with the desired topping ingredients prior to consumption. According to customer requirements, we also offer our bags in printed versions

Barriers for tarte flambée

The barrier properties of the bags particularly suit the recipes of tarte flambée, available both as the classic thin bread dough and the sweet version. After baking, both variants are a real treat for the palate. Gastronomy, also aware of this advantage, offers the classic or sweet delicacies beyond the traditional borders of tarte flambée. Once packaged in allfo vacuum bags, the appetising freshness of the product is retained and restaurant owners do not have to fear fluctuating order quantities.

Packaged for the point of sale

The sweet version, packaged in PA/PE bags, is equally protected from moisture and undesirable external influences while hygienic transport is ensured. The high transparency and gloss of the films from which allfo vacuum bags are manufactured, make product presentation at the point of sale extremely successful. Depending on the desired shelf life, we recommend vacuum bags made of special high barrier composite film for packaging tarte flambée.

Vacuum bags for tarte flambée:

  • Particularly for dough pieces without topping
  • Long shelf life without preserving agents
  • Can be quickly enriched by adding selected ingredients
  • Facilitate purchasing strategy of caterers
  • Protected against undesirable external influences

Which types of tarte flambée do you intend to package? We would be pleased to advise you on this topic. Just give us a call or write to us.

Tasty sauces in vacuum bags from ALLFO

Sauces are the culmination of numerous dishes and bring perfection to the simplest recipes. In gastronomy, time is sometimes too tight for chefs to devote themselves to the art of elaborate sauce-preparation. Ready-made sauces are therefore booming, as they only need to be seasoned and refined. Gorgonzola, tomato or roast sauces are the classics filled in vacuum bags to facilitate rational kitchen culture. This applies both to gastronomy and private households. Mild yoghurt dressings, hollandaise sauce, dips or remoulade are also packed in vacuum bags from allfo and support gastronomy in saving time and pursuing an efficient purchasing policy. Our in-house laboratory and application technology centre enable us to test the interaction of sauce and bag as well as to determine the appropriate bag for the product to be packaged.

Bags with the best barrier properties for sauces

Thanks to the bags’ barrier properties, ensured by the PA/PE layers of the films, the sauces have an extended shelf-life while they are safely protected during transport. The cook-in bags, perfectly suitable for packaging sauces, tolerate temperatures from -40°C to +121°C. There is no risk of delamination, leakage, flex-crack or streaking. The most preferred bag shape for sauces is our stand-up pouch, which facilitates pouring by means of a practical opening aid. Aside from plain, transparent and glossy bags, we also offer to print your brand message on the bags, which, in addition to the required key figures of the content, also carry a corresponding advertising message at the point of sale.

Vacuum bags for sauces:

  • Facilitate preparation at peak times
  • Merely require some seasoning and refinement
  • Support efficient cooking practices
  • Equally suitable for mild yoghurt dressings, sauce Hollandaise, dips or tartar sauce
  • Tolerate temperatures from -40°C to +121°C

Which types of sauces do you intend to package? We would be pleased to advise you on the selection of the most suitable vacuum bag. Simply give us a call or write to us.