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ALLFO is an internationally renowned manufacturer of vacuum bags

 As a manufacturer of vacuum bags, we are not only the European market leader but also a renowned supplier of prime-quality packaging solutions in numerous countries. Bags with high-performance barrier properties for meat, cheese, fish and non-food products are increasingly in demand not only in industrialized countries but also in emerging markets. The food industry is the main customer to our range, as it is vital to transport sensitive products such as meat and fish safely and to preserve them even under demanding climatic conditions.


The aim is to reduce the enormous consumption of food resources and thus enable our customers to make an important contribution to sustainability.
Our worldwide service and our high accessibility not only guarantee to meet this demand, but also a maximum availability of all bag types.


Sales is optimally positioned for global issues

Our sales department is correspondingly well established internationally and advises our customers not only on the large scale of various bag types we have in stock, but also on logistical issues. Our expertise also includes confident handling of customs duties, permits and current export regulations.

60 percent of our vacuum bags are shipped abroad

Allfo’s export share, which has grown continuously over the past few years, shows that this service is being highly appreciated all over the world. Today, around 60 percent of allfo’s vacuum bags are exported. Consignees are retailers with products for the food industry, catering and kitchen supplies.

The certified quality of our production – from film to bag, excellent raw materials, but also our sustainable corporate policy, which is becoming increasingly important worldwide, are certainly of great benefit.

Allfo vacuum bags for the world:

  • European market leader
  • Global supply chains
  • Worldwide service and a high level of availability
  • About 60 percent of bags are destined for export
  • Confident handling of customs duties, permits and current export regulations

Do you have questions about our international company policy and our export? We look forward to your call or your mail.