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Side seal bags make sterilised food look appetising

Grilled corncobs are an essential highlight at any barbecue event. Most of them are offered packaged in the vegetable section of supermarkets. It is not widely known that they receive their long shelf life through sterilisation and therefore it does not matter, when barbecues need to be postponed due to bad weather. In sterilisation processes the yellow cobs are placed in bags – ideally in the allfo side seal bag OPA/PP 75/15 121°C - and heated to over 100°C. The high-quality side seal bag made of barrier film can tolerate temperatures up to 121°C, making this vacuum bag optimally suitable for sterilisation in an autoclave.

In this process, not only pet food but also goose liver is preserved by means of steam sterilisation. This method is also ideal for soups, stews and other foods with a pH value above 4.5 in order to obtain a significantly increased shelf life.

Sterilisation destroys the Boletus bacteria, which can be hazardous for all these foods. In order to achieve this goal, the foods are vacuumed in side seal bags and then heated in steam at 121°C at two bar pressure for about 20 minutes. The advantage of sterilised food is that it does not require refrigeration. However, heating always implies reductions in flavour and nutritional values.

The extremely robust, high-quality side seal bags made of special barrier film not only provide the required temperature resistance but also inhibit air-penetration due to their excellent sealing properties. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about compromising their appearance during sterilisation. Our side seal bags guarantee your products a brilliant appearance at the point of sale – even after sterilisation.

Typical products for sterilisation:

  • Corn
  • Pet food
  • Goose liver

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