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The philosophy of ALLFO speaks for quality and sustainable management

Allfo, allvac and brevac united in one corporate association have been firmly established in the global packaging family since 1966. We share our philosophy of sustainable and quality-conscious management with our sisters as an owner-managed family business. It expresses our awareness with regard to the complex aspects of modern corporate management, the responsibility towards our employees and our customers and is executed in the daily cooperation of the company management, the specialists and managers as well as our trainees. With this attitude we secure jobs and create an excellent working atmosphere, which motivates our staff to a healthy ecological ambition and leads to the production of high-quality vacuum bags. This successful concept has enabled us to assume the position of the European market leader for first-class vacuum bags. The entire allfo team is committed to sustainable ecology, economy and social responsibility towards people and our planet.


Innovative value proposition for our customers

Economic success is indispensible if we are to shape the future as well as the active present. In this way we secure not only the existence of our company, but also the jobs of our employees, for whose interests we are always committed as a regionally important employer and training company. It is therefore hardly surprising that our company’s philosophy puts these goals first.


Philosophy of fairness

In order to conduct our business with our customers in a fair and responsible manner, jurisdiction offers us a valuable framework which we are committed to. We have also adhered to the GKV Code of Conduct, which takes into account special competitive conditions and global guidelines for human and labour rights. Fairness, loyalty, reliability and flat hierarchies are of great value to us and part of our everyday life. To ensure the quality of our production processes, we work exclusively with renowned, certified suppliers. First and foremost is our sister company allvac, which produces the majority of the composite films for our vacuum bag manufacture. Due to the fact that we are convinced that an open and cooperative relationship is the basis for mutual success, we actively involve our partners and suppliers in our production processes.


Strengthening the Allgäu as a business location

We are equally committed to strengthening the Allgäu as a business location, which is both our home and the breeding ground for our success, by cultivating this soil in such a way that we can harvest the satisfaction and recognition of our customers with regard to quality, safety and legality.

Our philosophy

  • Sustainable and quality-conscious management as an owner-operated family business
  • Modern corporate management
  • Responsibility towards our employees and customers
  • Secure jobs and an excellent work environment
  • Our winning strategy makes us European market leader


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