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Stand-up pouch: Practical, attractive and functional

Stand-up pouches are a versatile and practical packaging solution that is popular with food processors as well as consumers. And with good reason! Stand-up pouches are extremely functional and ensure a high level of protection for the packaged products. Their design provides a stable base that allows the bags to stand upright and thus present the product in a particularly attractive way. High quality stand-up pouches can be an important part of an effective packaging concept due to their nature.

When stand-up pouches are used as a packaging solution, manufacturers and vendors can ensure that their products are transported safely and securely. The fact that the bags are free-standing makes them particularly practical in retail: They can be flexibly positioned at different sales points and present the packaged goods in an appealing way.

Stand-up pouch with zip closure: For easy handling and resealability

Our stand-up pouch variants are available with zip closure. The zip closure makes the bag easy to handle and reseal. This allows consumers to safely store the product once the bag has been opened and reseal it when needed. This is particularly useful for products that are consumed in small portions or that are usually stored for a long time.


Printed stand-up pouches: For a unique brand presence

Printed stand-up pouches are an effective way to showcase the brand and product and stand out from other competitors. Branding on the packaging increases recognisability and creates a unique brand presence. We are happy to take over the printing of your stand-up pouches in flexo printing with up to 10 colours.

Stand-up pouches for cooking applications: Minimise time and effort.

Another advantage of the stand-up pouches from allfo is their temperature resistance up to 100 degrees Celsius. This makes them ideal for products that need to be heated, such as soups, sauces or convenience food. The cooking capability of the stand-up pouches ensures that products can be heated or cooked directly in the packaging without the need for additional containers or packaging. Thanks to the high stability of the multilayer film, the bags remain stable and tight even during heating.

Stand-up pouches: Kraft paper makes them robust and environmentally friendly looking

An excellent choice for packaging products that also benefit from a sustainable image. Stand-up kraft paper bags look good and support your environmentally friendly promotional message. Your customers will love the paper look!

Further advantages:

  • Effective product presentation
  • Long shelf life
  • Consumers’ attention
  • Tear-open aid
  • Functional reclosure


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High-quality stand-up pouches from allfo - your partner when quality counts

With more than 60 years of experience in the manufacture of vacuum packaging solutions, allfo enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry. Not only do we attach importance to careful processing of all materials used in order to be able to offer you high-quality stand-up pouches, but we also produce our films ourselves in order to have the quality of the starting materials under control at all times.

Stand-up pouches are one of our most popular products. Thanks to their special design, they are both practical and attractive. The zip closure, cooking feasibility and printability of the different stand-up pouches complete the range and allow you to find the right stand-up pouch for your needs.

Of course, you can ask our competent staff for advice on which model is best suited to your product before you buy. allfo prides itself on constantly improving not only its products but also its service for its customers and standing by their side as a reliable partner.


Would you like to learn more about our stand-up pouches? Then we look forward to your call or your mail.






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Frequently Asked Questions

Which variation of the stand-up pouch is suitable for which food?

The choice of the appropriate stand-up pouch variant depends on various factors, such as the type of food to be packaged, the desired barrier protection properties, the size of the pouch and the type of closure. Kraft paper-based stand-up pouches are good for tea, dried fruit, nuts and spices, for example. Our stand-up pouches offer excellent protection against moisture, oxygen, and flavour loss and are therefore well suited for foods such as snacks, crisps, sweets and baked goods that need to be protected from these influences.

What should I look for when choosing the right size for my product?

When selecting the size of a stand-up pouch, various factors should be taken into account, such as the quantity of product to be packed, the shape of the product and the type of closure. Stand-up pouches have a maximum fill height that should not be exceeded in order for the pouch to seal completely. The stand-up pouch should therefore be large enough to hold the product completely, but not so large that it moves around in the pouch. Unnecessary air in the stand-up pouch may affect the shelf life of the product. Our experienced staff will be happy to advise you on choosing the right size!

How do stand-up pouches contribute to sustainability?

The sustainable appearance, especially of the kraft paper bags, inclines consumers to purchase the product, thereby supporting and endorsing its eco-friendly image. This makes it even more efficient for products that emphasize sustainability to be marketed and distributed. Further advantages include effective product presentation, long shelf life, consumers’ attention, tear-open aid, functional, and reclosure.

Why should businesses consider using stand-up pouches for their products?

Stand-up pouches provide a prominent display that engages potential buyers. Their design enhances the visibility of products on store shelves. Additionally, the benefits of stand-up pouches, such as extended product freshness, easy-open features, and dependable sealing mechanisms, guarantee that products are delivered to consumers in pristine condition.

How do stand-up pouches enhance product visibility?

Stand-up pouches are designed to stand erect on shelves, ensuring that the product's branding and information are prominently displayed at eye level. This upright position, combined with the ability to use vibrant and detailed printing, makes the product more noticeable and appealing to consumers.