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Cooking with vacuum bags from ALLFO is very much in demand

Pre-prepared food and dishes have become indispensable not only in canteen kitchens, but increasingly also in private households. Packaged in allfo cook-in bags, they are quickly prepared, bind almost no manpower and taste good. Before serving, the chefs only need to fry and garnish the food. A necessary prerequisite to ensure a smooth workflow is that the food is packaged in a high-quality vacuum bag. Allfo cook-in bags score points with their tolerance of both extremely high and low temperatures. This is important because ready-made dishes are often frozen after pre-cooking.


Pre-cooking reduces the perishability of food

Allfo cook-in bags tolerate temperatures from -40°C to +121°C without delamination, leaking, flex-cracking or streaking. In accordance with the requirements of modern cuisine, we have developed numerous cook-in bag types for use in gastronomy, the food industry, but also for private households.


The food preparation for communal catering is equally facilitated, as all that remains to be done is to heat the food and arrange it on plates. This proves its value at peak times as it simplifies planning and strategic purchasing. Whether frozen or chilled – exactly the quantities can be prepared that are expected to be consumed, which again reduces the amount of perished food that has to be disposed of. According to a major food chain, this amounts to about 11 million tons annually in Germany alone.



Convenience facilitates the business of canteen kitchens

Numerous companies offering food in certain processing stages have already placed their trust in our bags. Our distributors supply private households, gastronomy or companies from the food industry. In this context, convenience is the magic word whose products facilitate kitchen work immensely. So it is not surprising that 80 to 90 percent of all food is fully or partially prepared when reaching the customer.


Sous-Vide – cooking under a vacuum

The sous-vide method is becoming increasingly popular for cooking food. The French term translated as “under a vacuum” is meanwhile the best known and certainly the most impressive innovation in canteen kitchens. Our cook-in bags are particularly suitable for the Sous-Vide process, which gives us reason to keep a large number of various types in stock. At the beginning of this process, raw food is placed in a bag, vacuumed and finally simmered in a bain-marie at low temperatures for several hours. The advantage: The food not only looks appetising, but also retains its nutrients and vitamins. Cooking with Sous-Vide is therefore an essential contribution to a healthy diet.

Benefits of cooking in allfo vacuum bags:

  • Convenient preparation of pre-prepared food
  • Quick meals through simple heating
  • Bags perform brilliantly in both hot and cold conditions
  • No risk of delamination, leakage or loss of tightness
  • Neither flex-cracking nor streaking


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