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With ECOLINE allfo supports the concerns of the Packaging Act

The Packaging Act, which came into force in 2019, but also the European directives, which aim to reduce the amount of waste in very different ways, have moved the packaging industry to this day. The Dual System Germany, through which the recycling economy is organized in Germany, aims to recycle at least 58.5 percent of the plastics on average and 63 percent by 2022. The Packaging Act in Germany initially requires packaging volume and mass to be kept to a minimum. The packaging in a vacuum bag fulfills this, because it has very good barrier properties while reducing the film thickness.

With ECOLINE far ahead of the times

25.8 million tons of plastic waste are generated in Europe every year. To date, less than 30 percent of this is collected for recycling. This will not stay that way, because the EU has set itself the goal that by 2030 all plastic packaging put on the EU market will be reusable or that it can be recycled cost-effectively.

In the meantime, more than half of the plastic waste generated in Europe should actually be recycled. As the European market leader, we can proudly say: With our ECOLINE bag, we are ready ten years earlier to meet this legitimate requirement across Europe.

Environmental protection is more than the Packaging Act

However, packaging dealers, food retailers and especially butcheries, as well as consumers, of course, were not motivated by the Packaging Act, but rather by the latest climate protection movement to actively contribute to the transition to more environmentally friendly packaging processes. As a packaging specialist, we actively support this change with a consistent sustainability strategy. This happens, among other things, by enabling our customers to pack their products with the ECOLINE in an environmentally friendly and safe manner. In this important league, we play confidently right from the start.

An overview of the Packaging Act

  • The law aims to avoid packaging waste
  • Reduction of the impact of packaging waste on the environment in Germany
  • The goal is to increase recycling rates
  • The law is aimed at packaging or prepackaging companies that circulate sales packaging or use service packaging
  • Packaging waste should be fed into the recycling economy

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