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Certificates prove the quality of production at ALLFO

Quality standards have become an essential part of production and a key purchasing criterion for allfo’s customers. In recent years, we have therefore striven for certificates and obtained several important ones that attest to our uncompromising focus on quality. We have also adhered to the statutes of the plastics processing industry and are committed to sustainability.

Allfo can refer to the following certificates:

BRC – The global standard for food packaging

allfo verifiably meets the criteria of the category: High hygiene risk. The certificate, in which we have achieved the highest classification, applies to the production of packaging suitable for food while attesting its safety. Background of the certificate: The British Retail Consortium (BRC) defines the standards for suppliers of packaging materials for foodstuffs, which have been bindingly set by several retail chains.

The BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials applies both to the film manufacture of our sister company allvac and the allfo bag production. This enables us to refer to a production process that has been fully tested and certified. Approved far beyond the borders of the UK, the BRC standard is highly appreciated in our country as well. These standards are particularly relevant for the food industry and required by numerous manufacturers and retailers.

We adhere to the GKV code of conduct

With this certificate, ALLFO proves that it has committed itself consistently to the code of conduct of the Central Federation of the Plastics Processing Industries (Gesamtverband kunststoffverarbeitende Industrie - GfK). This association, which is decisive for us, thus also commits itself to the necessity of demanding compliance with legal regulations and, particularly, ethical standards from its members by means of codes of conduct. This in turn strengthens our customers’ and suppliers’ confidence in our company as their business partner of choice and is ensured not least by our transparent business processes. The code is tailored to the requirements of plastics processing companies.


We are kosher-certified

What does "kosher" mean? The term means "appropriate" in Hebrew. The inspection and monitoring of food production facilities as well as packaging methods are all part of the kosher certification process. The certification body has ensured at allfo that the substances, machines, processes etc. used comply with the rules.

We are halal-certified

What does "Halal" mean? The term comes from the Arabic and means something like "permitted". It is very important to believing Muslims that they can see exactly whether a food product has been produced in a Halal-compliant way, i.e. whether it is permitted for them. This also includes the packaging that we produce. Through the certification we have received, we can prove that we do not use any substances that are hazardous to health or alcohol during the production process.