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The future of sustainable packaging solutions: Environmentally friendly ecoLINE vacuum bags from allfo

As much packaging as necessary, as little as possible

Less is more: the ecoLINE vacuum bag from allfo is a pioneering innovation in the field of packaging solutions.

Based on the tried and tested principle of "as much as necessary, as little as possible" allfo presents the ecoLINE vacuum bag and is therefore in tune with the time. With a considerable material saving of 45 per cent compared to conventional vacuum bags and a thickness of just 50µ instead of the usual 90µ, we are helping to protect the environment.

A quantity of 1,000 side-sealed vacuum bags (200 x 300 mm) results in a weight saving of four kilograms - that is four kilograms less plastic that does not have to be produced, processed, recycled or disposed of.

The good news for the food industry:

The slim ecoLINE bag not only offers first-class protection for meat and dairy products, but also cuts a fine figure. As a recyclable PA/PE bag, ecoLINE also fulfils the requirements of the German Packaging Ordinance and is therefore not only material-saving but also recyclable.

By choosing our ecoLINE vacuum bags - available as side-sealed bags and tubular bags - you are making an active contribution to reducing the burden on the environment and supporting the sustainable use of resources.

Together we are setting an example for a resource-saving packaging solution of the future.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Lower packaging costs
  • Less CO2 emissions
  • Outstanding transparency
  • High barrier properties
  • High puncture resistance
  • Recyclable
  • Less material
  • Suitable for foodstuffs
  • Can be used on all vacuum chamber machines

Product variants:
Side-sealed bags and tubular bags available in various sizes.

The advantages of our ecoLINE bags in detail:

Cost efficiency through material savings:
Reducing the amount of material used not only leads to more efficient use of storage space, but also reduces transport costs due to the lower weight.

Ecologically valuable:
The lower material requirement not only reduces the amount of material to be recycled, but also the CO2 emissions during production. The material is categorised as recyclable according to HTP-Cyclos, which leads to a better ecological footprint.

Outstanding transparency:
The use of highly transparent materials enables a clear view of the packaged products.

Comparable product properties:
The special blend of materials guarantees consistently high barrier properties and puncture resistance.

Faster sealing time:
By using thinner material, a reduction in sealing time can be realised. This not only saves time, but also makes the sealing process more efficient.

Guaranteed food-safe:
Compliance with strict standards and regulations for food-safe packaging and the use of materials that are safe for consumers' health ensure that the packaging fulfils the highest food-relevant requirements.

Suitable for all vacuum chamber machines:
vacuum bags are suitable for all vacuum chamber machines.

Large selection of bag formats:
Our ecoLINE vacuum bags offer the right size for every application, making them versatile and customisable. Starting with bag sizes from 100x150 mm to 400x600 mm.

Sustainable packaging solutions for food

As consumer environmental awareness grows, so does the demand for more environmentally friendly food packaging. Sustainable packaging solutions are becoming increasingly popular, particularly at food counters. This development is being driven not only by political measures, but also by the conscious decision of consumers in favour of environmentally friendly products. Sustainable packaging not only promotes sales, but also improves the perception of a brand.

allfo is responding to this need by offering a selection of reduced starch tubular bags and side-sealed bags. The sustainability of this packaging is ensured through clever material combinations, minimising the use of plastic and integration into the recycling process. External tests and certifications emphasise allfo's commitment to not only promising but also guaranteeing the sustainability of its vacuum bags.

Do you have any questions about our ecoLINE products?

Our ecoLINE bags are ideal for packaging:

Pet food






Bread & pastries


Frequently Asked Questions

Are ecoLINE bags more sustainable than conventional tubular and side-sealed bags?

Yes, ecoLINE bags are more sustainable than conventional sealed edge and tubular bags. Thanks to their lower material consumption and reduced weight, they not only offer benefits for the environment, but also enable savings to be made on transport and storage costs. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions during production, this has a positive effect on the ecological balance. Furthermore, a recyclability of 75-100% of all PE/PA films is certified by HTP-Cyclos.

What is special about ecoLINE vacuum bags?

The ecoLINE vacuum bag is characterised by an impressive 45% reduction in plastic content, making it slimmer and more environmentally friendly. Despite its thin 50 µm film thickness, it offers comparable impermeability, barrier effect and product protection to conventional bags. Thanks to a highly innovative formulation, state-of-the-art extrusion technology, high-quality raw material and a specially developed 11-layer material combination, the ECOLINE vacuum bag is a pioneering, sustainable packaging solution.

For which applications is the ecoLINE bag not suitable?

The ecoLINE bag is suitable for a wide range of applications, comparable to the classic sealed-edge bag or tubular bag. However, due to the thinner material, it is not recommended for use with sharp-edged foods such as bones. In such cases, the structure of the thin material could be affected, which could impair the optimum functionality of the pouch. It is therefore recommended to use alternative packaging solutions for applications with sharp-edged objects to ensure that the integrity of the pouch and the desired protective properties are maintained.