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Distributors benefit from our expertise

Many of our customers are distributors specialising in the wholesale trade of butcher’s, catering and kitchen supplies. In this sector, we offer competent and comprehensive advice on the application possibilities and functionalities of vacuum bags. Distributors supplying manufacturing and packaging companies from other sectors benefit from our expertise equally and are part of our customer base.

Packaging solutions with practical functions

Allfo supplies distributors with numerous types of vacuum bags, from side seal bags, shrink bags, tubular bags to stand-up pouches and multilayer bags. They are suitable for packaging meat, meat products, cheese, but also technical products safely and observing a high standard. Our packaging solutions not only keep products hygienically fresh, but also ensure safe transportation. Additionally, they feature numerous practical functions, which we will be happy to explain to you in a consultation.

Numerous different vacuum bag types

We also support distributors in making the best possible product choices for their customers. As the market leader in Europe, we keep a wide range of vacuum bags in stock: Numerous different bag types leave nothing to be desired in terms of size and film thickness. Allfo sets standards by investing heavily in research and development. Individual solutions are therefore also part of our service and can be planned quickly and success-oriented in our in-house laboratory as well as in the affiliated development department. Our proximity to the market and many years of experience lead to a customer-friendly and solution-oriented cooperation between distributors and the Allfo team.

Our offer for traders and wholesalers:

  • Products for butchery, gastronomy and kitchen supplies
  • Competent and comprehensive consulting service
  • Numerous different bag types
  • Large-scale stock
  • Fast delivery

You are a distributor and would like to learn more about our portfolio in regards to your customers’ requirements?
Then we look forward to your call or your mail. We will gladly take the time to answer your questions comprehensively.


Butchery equipment

ALLFO vacuum bags – key part of butchery equipment

The portfolio of businesses focussing on butchery equipment shows how versatile the range must be in order to supply customers from the butcher’s trade in a modern and efficient way. Due to the fact that packaging plays an important role here, allfo vacuum bags occupy a large space in the portfolio of butchery equipment suppliers. As the European market leader for vacuum bags, we know the requirements when meat and sausage products must be packaged safely and with strong sales potential.

Optimal protection for meat and sausage products

In addition to the classic side-seal bag in 90my, which can also be found in butcher’s counters as a red or blue-white chequered variant, we also have cook-in bags, stand-up pouches or tubular bags available so that the versatile meat and sausage products are optimally protected during transport and in the sales counter. The high-quality Pa/PE barrier films from which our bags are made guarantee meat products both appetising appearance and increased shelf life. The PA (polyamide) provides the required oxygen barrier and aroma protection. PE (polyethylene) ensures the moisture barrier and excellent sealing properties. Our bags of consistent quality can be easily sealed on all common vacuum chamber machines.

Butchery equipment suppliers benefit from full stock

The good news for butchery equipment suppliers is that we have a large number of bag types in stock, differing in material composition, film thickness and size, even in large quantities on pallets. Particularly you, as a supplier for butchery equipment, need a partner like allfo who can guarantee short delivery times. After all, your delivery ultimately depends on our speed when it comes to bag confectioning. It goes without saying that meat and sausage products are tightly related to speedy processes. Our employees work with this understanding and in compliance with the quality and hygiene standards to ensure smooth bag confectioning on all allfo machines. Our vacuum bags are confectioned loose or sub-packed in cartons. In doing so, we can quickly and reliably implement any desired batch size.

Certified quality

Our certifications are further important proof of quality. The BRC Global Standard is the standard applicable to butchers. Allfo is approved to comply with the criteria of the category: high risk of hygiene. The certificate is valid for the production of food-safe packaging in which we have achieved the highest classification. This global standard is issued by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Our services for butchery equipment:

  • Appealing packaging solutions for meat and sausage products
  • Various material compositions
  • Different sizes and strengths
  • Functional opening aids
  • Attractive appearance at the POS

Are you a supplier of butchery equipment and would like to call upon our services? Then we look forward to your call or your mail.

System suppliers

Individual ALLFO vacuum bags for system suppliers

System suppliers occupy a prominent position in our customer file. This derives from the fact that vacuum chamber machines or vacuum equipment primarily require appropriate vacuum bags in order to achieve their goals. System suppliers benefit not only from the large variety of bags we keep in stock - even in large quantities. They also have the peace of mind of knowing that, as the European market leader, we deliver quality. Our bags are certified according to the BRC Global Standard with the highest level of hygiene and quality. The PA/PE barrier films used in our production are manufactured by our sister company allvac. This proximity also enables the rapid development of individual packaging solutions, which can be tested in our in-house laboratory and application technology centre. Here, at the latest, system suppliers can take a closer look at the optimal sealing properties of our bags.

System suppliers benefit from bag variety

Regardless of whether your technology solutions are installed in meat processing plants, dairies or medical technology companies – we supply the appropriate bag for any type of goods to be packaged. Note: Our bags are recommended by leading manufacturers of vacuum chamber machines. From large to very small formats – our vacuum bags meet all requirements for special performance. The attributes our products are characterised with range from “particularly transparent and brilliant” to “very resilient”. Our packaging solutions for your products range from side-seal bags, shrink bags and tubular bags to cook-in bags, stand-up pouches and multilayer bags. They are used to package meat, sausage products, fish, cheese, convenience products, as well as industrial parts such as screws, tools and components for the automotive industry. From vacuum bags for test operations to individually printed bag solutions for your online shop – no matter which bag type supports you in your tasks as a system supplier – we deliver. Simply challenge us. We look forward to your call or your mail.

Our product range at a glance:

Packaging retailers

Diversity in large lot sizes for packaging retailers

Packaging retailers demand diversity and speed when supplying their customers with vacuum bags. In addition to the diversity, our company distinguishes itself by the high availability of the products and their fast delivery, which is ensured by our own warehouse with around 3500 storage spaces for pallets. Plenty of space for over 200 bag types, differing in size, shape and material thickness and available for immediate delivery, even in large quantities - an offer especially appreciated by packaging retailers. One of our most popular products is the side-seal bag, of which alone we keep about 140 different sizes with a film thickness of 90my in stock. But also shrink bags and tubular bags, cook-in bags and stand-up pouches are included in our extensive assortment and can be called up immediately.

Packaging retailers benefit from our large stock

Our well stocked warehouse is ensured by optimal bag confectioning, which is characterised by quality, sustainability and delivery reliability within short production times. The bags are produced and packaged on numerous state-of-the-art bagging machines. They can be packed loose ore sub-packed in cartons. Depending on the packaging retailer’s order, we are able to quickly and reliably implement the corresponding lot sizes. The professional marking of the cartons ensures fast digitized shipping processes. It is important for packaging retailers to know that we naturally take care of the documentation for international delivery orders as well as all associated bureaucratic requirements. This special company feature, in addition to the quality and diversity of our vacuum bags, has contributed to the fact that we have become Europe’s market leader. It goes without saying that this also includes our support, which is available to our packaging retailers and always strives to answer all questions promptly.  

Our services for packaging retailers:

  • Variety in the product range
  • Speed in worldwide delivery
  • Comprehensive consulting service
  • Development of individual packaging solutions
  • Printable bags for a strong brand image

How can we assist you? We are looking forward to your inquiry. Just give us a call or write to us.