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Sausage stays fresh longer with vacuum bags from ALLFO

Sausage is one of the most sensitive food products and requires special packaging for storage and transport. Vacuum bags from allfo have proven themselves for years for this demanding task. As the European market leader for vacuum bags, we know in which bag sausage can best be stored. Allfo offers a wide range of products for both wholesalers and butchers, which differ in shape, thickness and size, whether for semi dried sausages, bock sausages, sliced sausages or hams. Our tubular bags without side seams are particularly suitable for sausages, as they show off the product to its best advantage. 

Speedy delivery is guaranteed by the fact that we always have a large quantity of the most common sizes and varieties in stock - from classic vacuum bags with a thickness of 90my to individually designed bags. Not only sausages can be packaged in them; they are also used for cooking ham, or for giving Tyrolean speck a secure second skin which, despite its rustic surface, does not cause any risk of damage.  

High-performance packaging for sausage

High-performance packaging solutions, as we understand and supply them, are an important issue for strict quality management, which is a maxim for sausage manufacturers. Freshness, taste, rapid preparation, absence of residues and environmentally friendly production are vital parameters for meeting the high demands of consumers on food. Safe and efficient packaging processes are equally indispensable for this purpose. It goes without saying that numerous large companies and butchers place their trust in our high-performance vacuum bags. In order to confirm our customers’ trust in our bags, we attach great importance to optimum product quality and the best packaging. Allfo vacuum bags, characterised by a high oxygen barrier, a high mechanical strength and best sealing properties, can be used on all vacuum chamber machines.

Vacuum bags for sausages:

  • Ideal for semi dried sausages, bock sausages, sliced sausage or hams
  • Increased mechanical resilience
  • Prevent condensation and greasing
  • Can be imprinted with advertising message

Which type of sausage do you intend to package? We look forward to advising you. Simply give us a call or write to us.