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Vacuum bags from ALLFO are perfect packaging solutions

You have the product – allfo, the European market leader for vacuum bags, has the packaging solution. You can choose from numerous different bags made of high-quality PA/PE barrier film. In cooperation with our in-house laboratory we can create your individual bag which is specially tailored to your specific needs in our development department.

Regardless of whether you want to seal in fresh food hygienically and safe for transportation or mature cheese in it – our extensive assortment of printed and unprinted vacuum bags offers the appropriate type for every application desired. Aside from high quality, you will benefit from speedy order processing, short delivery times and maximum security of supply. The icing on the cake is the fair price.

All bags are transparent, but many formats are also available tinted. Prints with high-quality motifs of up to 10 colours are an additional option. The bags are bundled, loose or sub-packed in foil and delivered with up to 100 bags per carton or as chain bags.

Our bags – your benefits:

  • Numerous different standard bag types
  • Development and production of individual bags
  • Bags for an extensive range of applications
  • Prime quality
  • Fast order processing

Side seal bags

Side seal bags are ideal for storing in foods while retaining freshness and aroma, for maturing food products or attractively displaying them on the shelf. Allfo produces the three-edged vacuum bags made of high-quality PA/PE barrier film in numerous formats. The PA (polyamide) provides an oxygen barrier and aroma protection, while PE (polyethylene) ensures a moisture barrier and optimal sealing properties. Our classic is the transparent side seal bag with a thickness of 90my.

Tubular bags

With all products, appearance is important. We therefore recommend the tubular bags without side seams, which fit snugly around the products and show off the contours optimally. These are manufactured from high-quality PA/PE composite films, which are characterised by an excellent oxygen barrier, high transparency and puncture resistance as well as outstanding sealing properties.

Shrink bags

The ASB shrink bag (PVDC) or our ASBC shrink bags with EVOH barrier extend the shelf life of the products with an almost "invisible" packaging. The special film construction and the selected high-barrier materials ensure high puncture resistance, low air-pull rates and long-lasting protection.

Cook-in bags

They withstand any temperature without delamination, leaking, flex-cracking or streaking. The temperature resistance of -40°C to +121°C allows gentle cooking in the Sous-Vide process, making them a must-have in every canteen kitchen. Cook-in bags with a tolerance of up to 121°C can also be used for sterilisation.

Stand-up pouch

The allfo stand-up pouch, which reliably remains in a stable, upright position, is suitable for packaging liquid, pasty, granular, powdery or solid products. In addition to its stability, its low weight, the high barrier, its tear-open aid and, optionally, its effective resealability are further impressive features.

Do you have any questions about our bag assortment? Then we look forward to your call or your mail.