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ALLFO: A lot of innovation at the new company location

Allfo would also like to be your future partner of choice when vacuum bags are in demand. For this purpose, we align our product and service portfolio to the different requirements on the market. Being the European market leader we regard innovation as an essential component of our growth strategy and therefore also as an important prerequisite for success. Our packaging solutions and services set trends in various markets and applications. This applies not only to our portfolio, but also to new developments such as the Vac Tape vacuum bag, which offers a practical opening aid.


Packaging made from renewable raw materials

However, innovative strength is also demanded by new packaging made from renewable raw materials and research in the field of innovation, which we consistently pursue within the framework of our sustainability goals. This is precisely what we regard as indispensable for our corporate identity as a modern company. We are looking forward to this challenge and are already doing pioneering work in our laboratory and application technology centre. The fact that we are serious about the important issues of innovation and sustainability is evident from the spatial consolidation of our sister companies allfo, allvac and brevac in the Waltenhofen industrial estate in 2016. Our state-of-the-art production facilities bear witness to this.


Synergy effects at the new company location

With our new company location, our customers benefit from even better logistics processes, additional synergy effects with our sister companies and even faster response times. As a result, we can offer our customers even more flexible, tailor-made solutions that meet the demands of the markets, but also those of resource-conserving sustainability. New regulations, such as the new Packaging Act 2019, will result in changes in our customers’ packaging processes. As a manufacturer of packaging solutions, we will not be spared this development and will be committed to accompanying our customers through all the innovations.

The future in our sights

Whatever the individual challenges today and in the future, we need satisfied and loyal customers, reliable suppliers, the support of organisations, authorities, neighbours and employees who place their trust in us.

That is why we have your success in our sights and strive every day to do a good job in all aspects of innovation. Only if you as our customers are successful with our products, we will be so, too.

Innovations for a strong future

  • Innovative approach to the market
  • Packaging solutions as growth strategy
  • Sustainability will safeguard our future
  • Research for contemporary products
  • Pioneering work in our laboratory and application technology centre

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