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Non-food products packaged attractively and secure for transport

Allfo vacuum bags are utilised wherever special protection or a barrier against gases and moisture is required. For this reason, many companies, particularly our customers from the medical technology sector, wish to provide optimum protection for their sensitive products. Manufacturers of non-food products such as bulk goods, electronics or machine components also rely on our packaging solutions.

Securing non-food goods against mechanical influences

Our vacuum bags for non-food goods, available on short notice in various thicknesses and sizes, provide maximum protection for safe transport, due to the robust PA/PE barrier film. By vacuuming your goods in a chamber machine, they are held in place in the package and protected against mechanical influences. The resulting reduction of the package volume is an additional logistical advantage. Even pointed or sharp-edged objects can be optimally packaged with our bags. Fulfilling all these requirements, allfo vacuum bags reliably prevent moisture or gases from seeping in or escaping.

Manufacturers can rest assured: Both piece goods and bulk goods receive perfectly hygienic packaging and a marketable appearance at the point of sale. Practical tear-open aids as well as meaningful and sales-promoting printing round up the functionality of our assortment.

Secure packaging for non-food products

  • Resilient barrier against gases and moisture
  • Bulk material, electronics or mechanical engineering
  • Applicable in medical technology
  • Goods firmly fixed within the packaging
  • Protected against mechanical influences


Advice on the packaging of non-food products

You benefit from our many years of industry experience and the professional support of our consultants, who clarify with you at the outset which industry- and product-specific challenges need to be mastered. Your expectations define the appropriate packaging solution in order to provide best protection of your product against mechanical influences.


Do you have questions about our packaging solutions in the non-food segment? Then we look forward to your call or your mail.



Medical technology

200 bag types ready for use in medical technology

Care products, hospital gowns, infusion bottles or rescue packages for crisis regions must be packaged hygienically and safely as they are used in highly sensitive areas. Human health is affected, and this requires the highest level of hygiene. Absence of particles as well as absolutely no bacterial contamination is of utmost priority when handling medical technology products. To ensure this, numerous products in medical technology are securely packaged in vacuum bags. Thanks to the barrier properties of ALLFO vacuum bags, products are protected not only against contamination, but also from the ingress of germs, moisture and UV rays.

In use for medical technology

The field of application of medical technology requires very different vacuum bags, as it makes a difference whether soft textiles or IT components for stationary everyday use are to be packaged. Sensors, cables or temperature measuring devices as well require packaging that is suitable for their sensitive operating environment. Side-seal bags with a thickness of 90my are sufficient for packaging soft textiles while angular plastic or metal objects require particularly puncture-resistant vacuum bags. This is another area where we score with our decades of experience as Europe’s market leader for vacuum bags made of PA/PE barrier film.

200 bag types in stock

In case is no suitable model among the approximately 200 bag types that we have in stock, even in large quantities, we can design and produce one according to your specifications. We support these processes with our in-house laboratory and application centre, where your individual packaging solution can be thoroughly tested.

Are you a manufacturer in the field of medical technology and would like to receive an offer for your packaging solutions? If so, we look forward to your call or your mail.


Protection for pharmaceutical products

For the pharmaceutical industry, vacuum bags from allfo offer the best protection during transport and against the penetration of moisture or dirt, especially when packaging free-flowing or granulated products. This is ensured by the barrier properties of the bags made of PA/PE barrier film. Medicinal herbs, healing teas or powders can be vacuum packed in side-seal bags, which provide an oxygen barrier and aroma protection thanks to the polyamide. The polyethylene provides the moisture barrier and excellent sealing properties.

Stand-up pouches for pharmaceutics

In the pharmaceutical industry, however, the stand-up pouch from allfo is also very much in demand; available in various material combinations it is an incentive to buy in drugstores or pharmacies. The pouch not only has a traditional place on the shelves, but is equally popular with consumers and manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry. Stand-up pouches from allfo are very stable and convince with their low weight and high oxygen barrier. The strong compound ensures that the consumer can easily pour or decant the contents of the pouch, while the practical tear notch and the zip closure serve as popular opening aids.

Printed vacuum bags

We are aware that the topic of labelling is extremely important in the pharmaceutical industry. Our vacuum bags can be printed with up to ten colours, allowing all important product descriptions to be placed and even an advertising message to be conveyed.

Vacuum bags for pharmaceutics

  • Suitable for pourable or free-flowing products
  • No penetration of moisture or dirt
  • Low weight and high oxygen barrier
  • Ideal for medicinal herbs, healing teas or powders
  • Strong sales presentation with stand-up pouch

Are you a manufacturer in the pharmaceutical industry and interested in our packaging solutions? Then let us know! We look forward to your call or your mail.

Technical packaging

Technical packaging for industry

Technical packaging protects products during transport and ensures that they are safe from external influences such as moisture or dirt. Vacuum bags from allfo also secure packaged goods against slipping or shifting. Depending on the product surface, our portfolio includes different bag types from which technical packaging can be produced. We deliver to numerous branches of industry. The spectrum ranges from parts for the automotive industry, tools, work-piece components or bulk goods, such as screws, for which we also keep large quantities of suitable bags in stock.

Technical packaging according to customer requirements

Our classic is the side-seal bag with a thickness of 90my. Special features are vacuum bags with extremely high puncture resistance or our latest bag types made of film produced from renewable raw materials. Regardless of which bag type is ultimately used – first we clarify with you which product is to be packaged and for what purpose. Does the packaging only serve to protect or should it also make a convincing impression at the point of sale? These aspects are decisive for the bag’s grade of transparency and gloss.

Optimal packaging solutions

Do you have a special requirement? If so, we can certainly fulfil it in cooperation with our in-house laboratory and application technology centre. Here at the latest, we will find an optimal packaging solution that is precisely tailored to the requirements of your product. Our extensively trained sales team will advise you on all aspects of your inquiry, drawing on our decades of experience in the manufacture and sale of vacuum bags made of barrier films.

Vacuum bags for technical packaging:

  • Protection against moisture or contamination
  • Product is securely fixed in the packaging
  • Bag providing extreme puncture resistance
  • Attractive appearance at the POS
  • Can be imprinted with advertising message

Which type of technical packaging may we supply you with? We will be glad to advise you. Just give us a call or write to us.

Bulk material

Bulk material packaged in ALLFO vacuum bags remains safe and dry

The safe packaging of bulk material poses a challenge for many companies. Allfo vacuum bags provide a packaging solution that allows bulk material to be transported and stored dry and safely. Screws, nuts, granulates or other small and micro parts are not supposed to get wet so as to prevent them from rusting or losing their free-flowing properties. Excessive friction during transport can likewise be avoided in this manner, as even bulk material is safely and tightly sealed in vacuum bags. Even pointed and sharp-edged products can be reliably and puncture-proof vacuumed with the bags made of PA/PE composite films on any standard chamber machine.

200 bag types - not only for bulk material

Allfo holds around 200 different bag types in stock, also in large quantities, varying in size and film thickness: Starting with the classic side-seal bags for industrial products that are not commercially viable, up to high-gloss tubular bags nestling like a second skin around the shapes and contours of the products – especially recommended for bulk material intended to trigger a buying impulse on the sales shelves. Stand-up pouches, available in up to ten colours in flexo printing, are another strong selling point. They can be equipped with an individual advertising message or consumer information and reclosed by means of a zipper or HookVak.

Sophisticated international logistics processes

In case the desired bag cannot be found in stock, we will create a custom bag tailored specifically to your product. In doing so, we draw on our decades of experience and make use of the extensive expertise of our laboratory and application centre, where your individual packaging solution will undergo the final performance test. As the European market leader, we offer sophisticated logistics processes and deliver around the globe within the shortest possible time to ensure that your bulk material can be packaged quickly and optimally in our vacuum bags.
Do you have any questions about our range of bags? Simply let us know and we will answer them. Just give us a call or write to us.