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Bulk material packaged in ALLFO vacuum bags remains safe and dry

The safe packaging of bulk material poses a challenge for many companies. Allfo vacuum bags provide a packaging solution that allows bulk material to be transported and stored dry and safely. Screws, nuts, granulates or other small and micro parts are not supposed to get wet so as to prevent them from rusting or losing their free-flowing properties. Excessive friction during transport can likewise be avoided in this manner, as even bulk material is safely and tightly sealed in vacuum bags. Even pointed and sharp-edged products can be reliably and puncture-proof vacuumed with the bags made of PA/PE composite films on any standard chamber machine.

200 bag types - not only for bulk material

Allfo holds around 200 different bag types in stock, also in large quantities, varying in size and film thickness: Starting with the classic side-seal bags for industrial products that are not commercially viable, up to high-gloss tubular bags nestling like a second skin around the shapes and contours of the products – especially recommended for bulk material intended to trigger a buying impulse on the sales shelves. Stand-up pouches, available in up to ten colours in flexo printing, are another strong selling point. They can be equipped with an individual advertising message or consumer information and reclosed by means of a zipper or HookVak.

Sophisticated international logistics processes

In case the desired bag cannot be found in stock, we will create a custom bag tailored specifically to your product. In doing so, we draw on our decades of experience and make use of the extensive expertise of our laboratory and application centre, where your individual packaging solution will undergo the final performance test. As the European market leader, we offer sophisticated logistics processes and deliver around the globe within the shortest possible time to ensure that your bulk material can be packaged quickly and optimally in our vacuum bags.
Do you have any questions about our range of bags? Simply let us know and we will answer them. Just give us a call or write to us.