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200 bag types ready for use in medical technology

Care products, hospital gowns, infusion bottles or rescue packages for crisis regions must be packaged hygienically and safely as they are used in highly sensitive areas. Human health is affected, and this requires the highest level of hygiene. Absence of particles as well as absolutely no bacterial contamination is of utmost priority when handling medical technology products. To ensure this, numerous products in medical technology are securely packaged in vacuum bags. Thanks to the barrier properties of ALLFO vacuum bags, products are protected not only against contamination, but also from the ingress of germs, moisture and UV rays.

In use for medical technology

The field of application of medical technology requires very different vacuum bags, as it makes a difference whether soft textiles or IT components for stationary everyday use are to be packaged. Sensors, cables or temperature measuring devices as well require packaging that is suitable for their sensitive operating environment. Side-seal bags with a thickness of 90my are sufficient for packaging soft textiles while angular plastic or metal objects require particularly puncture-resistant vacuum bags. This is another area where we score with our decades of experience as Europe’s market leader for vacuum bags made of PA/PE barrier film.

200 bag types in stock

In case is no suitable model among the approximately 200 bag types that we have in stock, even in large quantities, we can design and produce one according to your specifications. We support these processes with our in-house laboratory and application centre, where your individual packaging solution can be thoroughly tested.

Are you a manufacturer in the field of medical technology and would like to receive an offer for your packaging solutions? If so, we look forward to your call or your mail.