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Vacuum sealer bags - the versatile packaging solution

Sealed edge bags are an ideal packaging solution for many different products. Foodstuffs such as meat, sausage and cheese can be reliably and hygienically packaged in vacuum seal bags.
Manufacturers of non-food products from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and industrial sectors also rely on heat sealer bags from allfo.
They are one of the packaging solutions with a high quality standard and are specially designed to pack products neatly and ensure safe transportation.

Vacuum sealer bags are flexible packaging made from PA/PE films and have a special seal that runs along the side of the pouch. This seal, also known as a sealing edge, provides an excellent seal against air, moisture and other external influences that could damage the product.
Powdery, liquid and of course solid goods can be packed, transported and stored in vacuum seal bags. Particularly sensitive goodness benefit from the protection offered by a vacuum sealed bag.
If you would like to buy vacuum sealer bags, you can choose from a variety of different formats and thicknesses at allfo. Of course, you can also choose from an assortment of standard prints or have the bag custom printed according to your wishes.

The advantages of vacuum seal bags for food and non food

Heat sealer bags have numerous advantages over other packaging options.

They offer a convincing solution to pack products both hygienically and in a visually appealing way, to extend their shelf life, and protect their flavours, to transport them safely, to store them in a small space, to present them attractively on the shelf at the point of sale.

Reliable sealing is the decisive factor for optimal storage and transportability. Also known as vacuum-sealed edge bags, the name reveals a decisive feature of the packaging solution. Find out how allfo makes the vacuum sealer bags one of the best packaging solutions for your products!

The variety of our sealed food and non food bags:

  • Silver/Silver (metallised)
  • Transparent/check pattern (in red, green, blue)
  • Transparent/Silver/Gold (metallised)
  • Transparent/Black
  • Material thicknesses from 75-220 my
  • Also possible as a pair of bags
  • Tear tape (VakTape)
  • 175 different sizes available at any timeSilver/Silver (metallized)


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Heat sealer bags from allfo - the ideal packaging for your products

Our sealed food bags are specially designed for use with vacuum chamber machines. The vacuum draws oxygen and moisture out of the bag, increasing the shelf life of the food.
We produce three-edge vacuum bags in various sizes from high-quality PA/PE barrier film. The PA (polyamide) provides an oxygen barrier, protects the aroma and ensures high tear resistance, while the PE (polyethylene) ensures a moisture barrier and excellent sealing properties. We produce these barrier films ourselves on state-of-the-art extruder systems. This means that the quality of the end product is always under our control and we can offer you bags of the best quality.

At allfo you will find the right bag for your application among the many product variations. Our best-selling heat sealer bag is the transparent bag with a thickness of 90my. Our vacuum seal bags also offer excellent printability and low air pull rates with high tear and puncture resistance.

Vacuum sealer bags 90my - the classic among sealed edge pouches

Vacuum seal bags for 90my is a very popular model in our range. Sealed edge pouches 90my have a material thickness of 90 microns. They are therefore particularly suitable for products that are exposed to higher stress during transport or storage.

The best place to buy vacuum sealer bags is at allfo

Want to buy sealed food bags - but where? Online you will find a variety of retailers and a wide selection of bags. If you want to buy heat sealer bags, this selection is a great asset: You can choose exactly the provider that suits your needs.

You should make sure that the retailer has the packaging solution on offer that fits your requirements in terms of material, size, printability and colour. Factors such as trustworthiness and experience of the supplier also play a role in buying vacuum seal bags whose quality you can rely on.

Finally, availability of the bag you want and shipping terms should also factor into your decision on where to buy heat sealer bags.

As an established company, allfo is a reliable partner when you want to buy vacuum sealer bags. We are at your side with over 60 years of experience in the production and distribution of packaging materials. Learn about the excellent quality of the barrier films produced in our factories and find vacuum seal bags made of these high-quality materials in many sizes, thicknesses and colours in our range.

We at allfo have optimised our production and storage processes for you. With over 200 standard articles in stock, we ensure high availability and therefore impress with short delivery times.

Heat sealer bags in black: The elegant packaging solution from allfo

The heat sealer bag in black is a special variant of the heat sealer bags. Black is the colour of the back foil of the bag. Two advantages in particular make sealed-edge pouches in black highly valued by manufacturers in the food and non-food sectors:

  1. The products are attractively presented in a vacuum seal bag. Black as a background gives an exclusive look.
  2. Light-sensitive products enjoy additional protection from the black film.

At allfo you can get vacuum sealer bags in black which offer the usual excellent quality of our barrier films that we produce. We naturally offer the same material thicknesses, bag shapes and sizes as for our other vacuum seal bags. Black provides a particularly classy look for the different bag options. And of course you will also find our classic, the heat sealer bag 90my, in black in our range!

If you need sealed food bags or non food bags – choose allfo!

Be it foodstuffs such as fish, meat, dried fruits and nuts or sensitive non-food items such as cosmetics, medicines, electronic components and many others: Heat sealer bags offer an excellent way to package goods in a secure and durable way.

When packaging in sealed food bags, air and moisture are extracted from the environment surrounding the goods. This significantly extends the shelf life of the goods. At the same time, less space is needed for transport and storage of the products.

The robust film packaging is also impressive in terms of presentation: Printed vacuum seal bags and heat sealing bags in matching colours create an appealing look on the shelves.

The combination of benefits is what makes vacuum seal bags such an attractive packaging solution for many products from very different industries such as food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
Safe, practical and attractive packaging of your goods in sealed food bags is a matter of trust. We at allfo know that!

That is why we manufacture the films for our vacuum sealer bags in our own factories, so we have control over the production and processing of the raw materials at all times.  In this way, we ensure the quality of the materials used right from the start and you receive only high-quality sealed food bags.

Benefit from over 60 years of experience in the production and distribution of packaging solutions and let our competent staff advise you. We will be happy to help you find the right vacuum seal bags for your goods.



No matter which product you choose, with bags from allfo you will find the right packaging solution for your product at a fair price-performance ratio. What would you like to pack with our heat sealer bags? We will be happy to advise you on your project. Just give us a call or write to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of packaging sensitive goods in sealed food bags ?

On the one hand, packaging in vacuum seal bags extends the shelf life of products, as the vacuum inhibits the multiplication of bacteria and fungi. Secondly, it protects the products from moisture, oxygen and odours, which is particularly important for food. Another advantage is the space-saving storage of the packaged products, as the volume is reduced by removing the air. This allows products to be stacked and transported more efficiently. For many products from different industries, vacuum-sealed bags are therefore an excellent choice for reliable packaging.

How does packaging in a heat sealer bag work?

Packaging in a vacuum sealer bag is a simple process that takes place in several steps. First, the goods are placed in the bag and sealed up to the filling level. The sealing edge of the bag is then clamped into the vacuum sealing edge device. This sucks the air out of the bag and creates a vacuum. As soon as the desired vacuum is reached, the sealing edge is automatically sealed. When the sealing edge is welded, the plastic at the edge of the bag is melted by pressure and heat and solidifies again when it cools, creating a permanent and secure seal. Packaging in a vacuum-sealed bag protects the goods from oxidation, moisture and spoilage, thus extending their shelf life.

What are vacuum seal bags classically used for?

Vacuum seal bags are used in many different industries, including food, cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. They are particularly suitable for packaging food such as meat, sausage, cheese and fish, as they can protect the packaged product from moisture and oxygen. They can also be used for packaging liquid or powdery products. But electronic components and pet food can also be packaged safely and more durably heat sealer bags.

What are the advantages of using barrier films for the production of vacuum sealer bags compared to other films?

allfo uses barrier films it produce itself on manufacture its vacuum seal bags to ensure optimum shelf life and quality of the packaged products. Barrier films are special plastic films which, because of their composition, have a high barrier function against oxygen, moisture, aromas and other gaseous substances. By using barrier films as the starting material for the production of sealed edge bags, optimum protection against spoilage and loss of quality of the packaged products is achieved.

Which materials are used for the production of allfo's heat sealer bags and why?

The sealed food bags from allfo are made from a combination of two materials: Polyamide (PA) and polyethylene (PE). The PA provides an oxygen barrier and protects the contents from flavour loss. The PE serves as a moisture barrier and ensures very good sealing properties. Together, these materials provide optimal protection for the contents of the bag and extend its shelf life. The heat sealer bag 90my is particularly stable and a very popular design.