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ALLFO vacuum bags are a safe and attractive packaging for many applications

Fresh food demands safety and optimal shelf life as top priorities. But also non-food products require reliable packaging for their protection and transportation. Allfo serves the different sectors in equal measure by providing the respectively appropriate bag: Whether bags for long-term storage or perfect presentation at the point of sale. Our bag solutions are used in numerous applications. Thanks to our bags’ reliable puncture resistance even sharp bones or screws can be optimally packaged.

The excellent quality of our bag solutions is complemented by practical tear-open aids. In addition, we offer bag types with outstanding resealing properties.

Applications in the food sector:

90 percent of our bags are used for safe storage. Pasteurisation, sterilisation, freezing, cooking and simmering in the Sous-Vide process are further examples of our products’ performance. As a result, these applications provide longer shelf-life and excellent consumer experience.

Application examples:

  • Pre-portioning of meat, meat products and cheese at the point of sale
  • Allfo cook-in bags have been especially designed for the Sous-Vide process.
  • Shrink bags provide safe and hygienic packaging of fresh meat, meat products and non-ripening cheese.
  • Multilayer bags for cheese maturation

Applications for non-food products:

Allfo bags are applied not only in the food industry, but also wherever specific protection or a barrier against gases or moisture is substantial. There are numerous medical technology companies among our customers requiring safe protection for their sensitive products. Manufacturers of electronics or machine components rely on our packaging solutions equally.


Sustainability in all applications

No matter what needs to be packaged: We go to great lengths to ensure that our bags are resource-saving for your applications. Starting point is first of all the respective product, which should survive transport and storage undamaged, remain appealing, fresh and preserved as long as possible. Compliance with these requirements guarantees that only a small amount of food spoils and as few resources as possible are wasted. Our motto: maximum functionality with as little material used as possible. This alone makes allfo a contribution to sustainability.


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