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Shrink bags - the attractive vacuum packaging solution for fresh foods

Our high-quality shrink bags offer a practical way to extend the shelf life of food and present goods attractively at the point of sale. Be it fish, meat, fully matured sausage or cheese products - vacuum shrink bags are an attractive packaging solution for preserving and protecting your products for a variety of different foods. Find out what makes allfo vacuum shrink bags the right packaging solution for your goods.

Shrink bag: store meat, sausage, cheese and fish

Vacuum shrink bags are a popular option for preserving food and presenting it attractively. Discover the numerous advantages of this practical packaging solution!

Extending the shelf life

The shelf life talent - the shrink bag: Meat, sausage, cheese and fish stay fresh and edible for longer because vacuuming reduces the oxygen content in the pouch and therefore inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould.

Attractive presentation of the goods

Our shrink bags cling to the food like a second skin. This creates a glossy and attractive surface that accentuates the shape of your products and makes them even more appealing on the retail shelf.

Protection from discolouration

Shrink bags protect meat and other foods from discolouration because the oxygen is removed from the packaging during vacuuming. This prevents oxidation and therefore the unappetising greying of the goods.

Space-saving for storage and transport

Vacuuming removes the air from the shrink bag and therefore reduces the volume of the packaging. This allows more food to be accommodated in a smaller space, optimising transport and storage for traders and consumers.

Preservation of flavour and aromas

The film of the vacuum shrink bags reliably protects against moisture, gases and foreign flavours to preserve the taste and aromas of your products.

Protection against mechanical stress

Food is exposed to mechanical stress during transport and storage. Suitable packaging can prevent a lot of damage. For example, shrink bags protect meat and other foodstuffs [as an additional protective layer] against impacts, pressure and scratches as well as contamination.



Vacuum shrink bags - this is how your products are packaged

Vacuum shrink bags are very easy to use. After the food to be packaged has been divided into portions, it is placed in shrink bags of the appropriate size and thickness. The shrink bag is then placed in the vacuum chamber machine, which sucks the air out of the bag to create the vacuum seal. If the bag is vacuum sealed, it can be shrunk using a shrink tunnel or in a water bath. Through this heat process, the shrink film of the bag shrinks and clings to the goods to be packaged. Within just one second, the shrink bag creates a tight-fitting package for meat and other products that not only extends shelf life but is also visually appealing.

The right vacuum shrink bag for your product

At allfo you can buy two variants of the shrink bags, both suitable for vacuum chamber machines: the ASB bag made of PVDC barrier film and the EVOH shrink bag. Both variants can be designed with a round bottom or side seam and allow overlapping sealing and processing. Both materials offer excellent barrier properties and are suitable as packaging for food.

But what material should you buy shrink bags made of to package your products optimally?

PVDC shrink bags from allfo

PVDC shrink bags are the right choice when you need a good gas and moisture barrier. They are therefore perfect for packaging products that are particularly sensitive to moisture and oxygen, such as meat and sausage products and cheese.

EVOH shrink bags from allfo

EVOH shrink bags offer excellent high barrier properties against oxygen and are therefore particularly suitable for packaging fresh meat and frozen fish products. EVOH bags also offer high puncture resistance and are therefore also suitable for sharper products. The EVOH bag is also ideal for packaging products that are cooked or pasteurised at high temperatures, as it has a high temperature resistance.

Vacuum shrink packaging of the right thickness

We offer shrink bags made from both films in various sizes and thicknesses to meet your individual requirements. Our PVDC bags are available in thicknesses of 48my and 80my, our EVOH bags in thicknesses from 47my to 100my. Our shrink bags are easy to use and provide a premium packaging solution for a wide range of food products. Order today and see the quality of our products for yourself!

Important features of vacuum shrink packaging:

  • very high oxygen barrier
  • high shrinkage values excellent puncture resistance
  • overlapping seal
  • very high sealing seam strength
  • excellent transparency and high gloss
  • resistance to UV light


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Buying shrink bags - what to look out for?

If you want to buy shrink bags, it is important to find the right manufacturer and distributor. What is important here? These questions can help you find the right distributor for your packaging solution needs:

  • What choices are offered by shrink bag retailers?

    A good retailer will offer a wide range of shrink bag sizes and thicknesses and will advise you on your choice. At allfo you will find shrink bags in various sizes and thicknesses. Our competent customer service will be happy to help you find the right size and thickness for your products.
  • Does the retailer offer shrink bags made of suitable films in high quality?

    Shrink bags can be made from different films to meet different requirements. At allfo you can buy shrink bags made from PVDC and EVOH films to ensure the packaging solution fits your product. We produce all films ourselves to ensure the quality of the raw materials and the end product at all times. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the most suitable film for your goods!
  • What is the reputation of the manufacturer?

    A good manufacturer has experience in the production and distribution of packaging materials and enjoys a good reputation in the industry. allfo has been successfully fulfilling customer requirements for 60 years and is an established manufacturer and distributor of packaging solutions. Convince yourself of the excellent quality of our service and products!
  • Do they have the required shrink bags available?

    A reliable manufacturer ensures that the desired packaging solution is available in sufficient quantities and offers fast delivery times. allfo has traditional shrink bag sizes and thicknesses in stock at all times and produces special designs quickly in its own factory in order to make them available within a short time.
  • How good is the customer service?

    Buying shrink bags is not always easy: How do you find your way around the selection of sizes, thicknesses and foils? How do you find exactly the right packaging solution for your goods and who looks after you if you have questions about the order? Good customer service is the be-all and end-all. The experts at allfo are always on hand to provide you with competent support, from choosing the right product to after-sales support. Benefit from our experienced and friendly staff!

Shrink bags for foot: Packing meat and other food safely and attractively

Shrink bags enable hygienic and visually appealing packaging of food. Particular benefits of this packaging solution include extended shelf life as well as protection against flavour changes and mechanical damage. In addition, shrink bags make it possible to store and transport meat, cheese and other foodstuffs in a space-saving way. Let the experienced allfo team advise you and find the right packaging solution for your requirements!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which machines are needed for vacuuming in shrink bags?

Vacuum chamber machines are usually used for vacuum sealing in shrink bags. For further processing, a shrink tunnel can be used to enable shrinking.

How does vacuum shrink bagging work?

To vacuum seal shrink bags, the bag is placed in a vacuum chamber machine where the air is sucked out of the bag. After suctioning, the bag is sealed with a sealing bar before shrinking can begin in the shrink tunnel or water bath.

What is the shelf life of food packed in vacuum shrink bags?

The shelf life of food in vacuum shrink bags depends on various factors such as the type of food, the storage temperature and the storage conditions. As a rule, vacuum-packed food has a longer shelf life than non-vacuum-packed food.