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Two types of shrink bags protect your products brilliantly

Both types of allfo shrink bags are suitable for vacuum chamber machines. After vacuuming, the bag is shrunk by short immersion in hot water or by means of a shrink tunnel. This process, which only takes one second, gives your product a tight fitting packaging, convincing with quality and appearance. The two types supplied by allfo are: The ASB bag (PVDC) and the ASBC shrink bag with EVOH barrier. All bags are available with round bottom or side seam and can be delivered loosely or on chain. Overlapping sealing during processing is possible with all types.



Would you like a second skin for your high-quality products that not only looks appealing, but also protects them perfectly? Allfo ASB bags (PVDC) made of high-grade PA/PE barrier film provide the necessary features. Due to its oxygen density, the ASB-shrink bag prevents the growth of microorganisms that contribute to spoilage in unpackaged food. In the sealed ASB shrink bag, fresh meat or meat products can be stored refrigerated for several weeks without reduction in quality and transported safely protected from contamination. During the immersion in hot water or steam, the ASB bag provides optimal shrinkage. While wrapping itself evenly around the product like a “second skin” it also prevents the leaking of fluids.


The special film structure with a thickness of 80my and excellent barrier properties inhibit the puncturing of sharp, pointed products. Standard bags generally have a thickness of 60my.

In addition, we offer bags especially geared to withstand high cooking and pasteurisation temperatures. Particularly popular are our ASB shrink bags for the preparation of cooked ham.

Shrink bags with EVOH barrier

Our shrink bags made of polyamide with EVOH barrier provide a very high oxygen barrier. They are therefore particularly suitable for packaging fresh meat, meat- and sausage products, frozen fish and non-ripening cheese. Your product benefits from full flavour development and long shelf life. The special multifunctional film structure and the selected high-barrier materials made of polyamide and EVOH guarantee high puncture resistance, a low air-penetration rate and long-lasting protection, even at total thicknesses from 40my to 100my. Like all other allfo shrink bags, this bag type will receive a highly glossy appearance, ensuring an impeccable presentation of your product.


Important features:

  • Very high oxygen barrier
  • High shrinkage rates >45%
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Overlapping sealing
  • Maximum seal strength
  • Outstanding transparency and high gloss
  • Resistance to UV light


Sustainability report

Product brochure

Data sheet (ASB)
Data sheet (ASBC with EVOH)


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