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Ready meals keep their flavour in ALLFO vacuum bags

Ready meals have become indispensable and are often served in canteen kitchens, restaurants and private households. The mostly industrially produced meals are prepared quickly as they only require heating and serving. Meat, vegetables and other side dishes are pre-cooked and offered in combination or as a one-component meal, such as stews or soups. In addition to industrial companies, butchers are also among the large-scale customers of allfo bags. However, they do not use our bags for packaging only their classics, such as sausage and meat. Since more and more butchers are also positioning themselves as catering companies as a second pillar of their enterprise, ready meals have become part of their special offers. Major advantage: Ready meals facilitate rationalisation as they ease peak times in the kitchen. Applications food convenience is the buzzword for the broad topic of “ready meals”. Its popularity is also reflected in convincing figures: 80 to 90 percent of all food reaches the consumer as ready-made meals.

Ready meals packaged in ALLFO vacuum bags

Ready meals are packaged in vacuum bags from allfo. The practical bags, available with different opening aids, provide ready meals with ideal protection against spoilage and external influences. Allfo stand-up pouches are attractive and popular with consumers, as they are extremely easy to handle and show off the ready meals to their best advantage. The desired character of the ready-made meal is maintained even after heating, while taste, flavour and nutrients are retained. These high-quality characteristics are ensured by the top-quality barrier properties of the allfo bags made of high-quality PA/PE film. In addition to the advantages of vacuuming food, this packaging solution allows ready meals to be heated or frozen without any problems.

Wide range of cook-in bags

Allfo cook-in bags are ideally suited for these processes as they tolerate temperatures from -40°C to +121°C without the risk of delamination, leakage, crack-flex or streaking. In accordance with the high requirements of industry, gastronomy and butchers, we keep a wide range of cook-in bags in stock, which enables us to supply our customers quickly, even in large quantities.

Vacuum bags for ready meals:

  • Especially for industrially produced meals
  • Facilitate efficiency and rationalisation
  • Alleviate peak times in kitchens
  • Protect ready meals reliably against spoilage and external influences
  • Available with various opening aids

Which types of ready meals do you intend to package? We will be happy to advise you. Simply give us a call or write to us.