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Tarte flambée – packaged fresh and appetisingly in ALLFO vacuum bags

Tarte flambée is an Alsatian specialty and has become immensely popular in many different variations. Tarte flambée can be found on many menus in Alsace-Lorraine, Baden or the Palatinate but is very frequently prepared at home. It goes without saying that fresh tarte flambée is therefore offered in numerous, well-stocked refrigerated counters in supermarkets. The bottoms of tarte flambée, the dough pieces, are packaged without toppings in vacuum bags from allfo. They keep fresh for a long time without the use of preserving agents and can be quickly enriched with the desired topping ingredients prior to consumption. According to customer requirements, we also offer our bags in printed versions

Barriers for tarte flambée

The barrier properties of the bags particularly suit the recipes of tarte flambée, available both as the classic thin bread dough and the sweet version. After baking, both variants are a real treat for the palate. Gastronomy, also aware of this advantage, offers the classic or sweet delicacies beyond the traditional borders of tarte flambée. Once packaged in allfo vacuum bags, the appetising freshness of the product is retained and restaurant owners do not have to fear fluctuating order quantities.

Packaged for the point of sale

The sweet version, packaged in PA/PE bags, is equally protected from moisture and undesirable external influences while hygienic transport is ensured. The high transparency and gloss of the films from which allfo vacuum bags are manufactured, make product presentation at the point of sale extremely successful. Depending on the desired shelf life, we recommend vacuum bags made of special high barrier composite film for packaging tarte flambée.

Vacuum bags for tarte flambée:

  • Particularly for dough pieces without topping
  • Long shelf life without preserving agents
  • Can be quickly enriched by adding selected ingredients
  • Facilitate purchasing strategy of caterers
  • Protected against undesirable external influences

Which types of tarte flambée do you intend to package? We would be pleased to advise you on this topic. Just give us a call or write to us.