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Tasty sauces in vacuum bags from ALLFO

Sauces are the culmination of numerous dishes and bring perfection to the simplest recipes. In gastronomy, time is sometimes too tight for chefs to devote themselves to the art of elaborate sauce-preparation. Ready-made sauces are therefore booming, as they only need to be seasoned and refined. Gorgonzola, tomato or roast sauces are the classics filled in vacuum bags to facilitate rational kitchen culture. This applies both to gastronomy and private households. Mild yoghurt dressings, hollandaise sauce, dips or remoulade are also packed in vacuum bags from allfo and support gastronomy in saving time and pursuing an efficient purchasing policy. Our in-house laboratory and application technology centre enable us to test the interaction of sauce and bag as well as to determine the appropriate bag for the product to be packaged.

Bags with the best barrier properties for sauces

Thanks to the bags’ barrier properties, ensured by the PA/PE layers of the films, the sauces have an extended shelf-life while they are safely protected during transport. The cook-in bags, perfectly suitable for packaging sauces, tolerate temperatures from -40°C to +121°C. There is no risk of delamination, leakage, flex-crack or streaking. The most preferred bag shape for sauces is our stand-up pouch, which facilitates pouring by means of a practical opening aid. Aside from plain, transparent and glossy bags, we also offer to print your brand message on the bags, which, in addition to the required key figures of the content, also carry a corresponding advertising message at the point of sale.

Vacuum bags for sauces:

  • Facilitate preparation at peak times
  • Merely require some seasoning and refinement
  • Support efficient cooking practices
  • Equally suitable for mild yoghurt dressings, sauce Hollandaise, dips or tartar sauce
  • Tolerate temperatures from -40°C to +121°C

Which types of sauces do you intend to package? We would be pleased to advise you on the selection of the most suitable vacuum bag. Simply give us a call or write to us.