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Soups in vacuum bags from ALLFO as take-away meals

Soups benefit from creative compositions that stimulate the taste. Restaurants and canteen kitchens have long recognised this fact. Their menus often offer carrot ginger soup or horseradish parsley root soup, but also classics such as potato soup with sausage or sophisticated vegetable stews. There are a number of special recipes for every season of the year, also excellent as take-away meals in the lunch break or as a warming snack between meals, and they are easy to sell.

Soups for easy processing

In the bistro, at the party service or in canteen kitchens – if the selection is right, the customer will be encouraged to choose, especially if the packaging promises trouble-free processing. It goes without saying that a distinction must be made between the requirements of the catering trade and those of a private household. Vacuum bags from allfo are always a perfect way to package soups as well as sauces. Space-saving, easy to transport and to heat, the liquid delicacies can be easily frozen with our cook-in bags as they tolerate temperatures between minus 40°C and 121°C. Particularly sales-promoting is the application of our stand-up pouches due to their temperature tolerance of up to 100°C and their integrated opening aid as an extra feature.

Printed bag variants for soups

Soups can be easily vacuum-packed in vacuum chamber machines. Printed variants are perfectly suitable for a professional appearance at the point of sale. In addition to butchers, restaurants and hotel kitchens, organic markets and farm shops are increasingly using allfo’s practical vacuum bags. Especially since we have been offering vacuum bags to this particular clientele, we have applied films made of up to 67 percent renewable materials for production.  

Vacuum bags for soups:

  • Facilitate routine work in gastronomy
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to heat up
  • Tolerate temperatures between minus 40°C and plus 121°C
  • Integrated opening aid upon request

Which kind of soup do you intend to package with our vacuum bags? We will be glad to advise you. Simply give us a call or write to us.