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High-quality pet food in ALLFO vacuum bags for healthy pets

Pet food has been produced industrially since the 1950s and offers the best conditions for the beloved pets to cover their daily needs for calories, minerals and vitamins. In order to maintain the quality of pet food, it is packaged in vacuum bags from allfo.

Stand-up pouches or side-seal bags from allfo

In addition to the “complete feed”, which is often found packaged in our stand-up pouches on the shelves, pet food from by-products of fresh meat production is preserved in side-seal bags. The high-quality PA/PE barrier films from which allfo vacuum bags are made ensure that germs are kept out.

Pet food is sterilized with steam

Steam sterilization is another processing method applied in the production of pet food. This means that the worldwide trend to preserve food by means of steam and without preserving agents does not leave out this billion-dollar market. Pet food is sterilized by heating it to over 100 degrees in an allfo side-seal bag OPA/PP 75/15 121°C. Its temperature tolerance of up to 121°C makes this high-performance bag perfectly suitable for sterilization in an autoclave.   

High quality and well balanced

Consumers have come to realise that industrially produced pet food is closely monitored for safety and nutritional balance. It contains the right amount of energy and nutrients and ensures good digestibility for pets like dogs or cats. Aside from that, professional packaging, such as vacuum bags from allfo, guarantees consistent quality maintenance.

Vacuum bags for pet food:

  • Stand-up pouches for “complete feed”
  • Side-seal bags for fresh meat production
  • Allow steam sterilization
  • Retain freshness, vitamins and nutrients
  • Can be imprinted with advertising message

Can we assist you in finding the appropriate vacuum bag for your pet food? We look forward to your call or your mail.