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ALLFO vacuum bags preserve the special flavour of spices

Chilli, green pepper, fish and/or grill spices, dried herbs or colourful spice mixes from all over the world – the spice shelves in supermarkets offer a wide range of international powders, grains and spice mixes that bring variety to the kitchen and provide all kinds of flavours for versatile menus in the gastronomy. They all have one thing in common: spices are very sensitive and susceptible to germs and spores. Once spices or exclusive salts are packaged in Allfo vacuum bags made of high-quality PA/PE composite film, these risks for manufacturers, retailers and consumers are practically eliminated. The products remain dry, free flowing and sterile and are well protected against undesirable external influences during transport. Allfo keeps different sizes and thicknesses in stock for any batch size and product quantity in order to ensure customers full supply and the advantage of speedy delivery. Our extensive assortment ranges from classic side-seal bags to individually printed stand-up pouches.

Resealability preserves the aroma

Some bag types are resealable and equipped with the practical HookVak, an innovative Velcro closure. The sealing seam of this bag type is situated above the reclosure unit, which is why the vacuum-sealed bag is firstly sealed airtight. If required, the bag can be opened above the reclosure unit in the classic way and the goods removed in the desired quantity. The Velcro is then simply closed again. The HookVak is easier to handle with chunky or free-flowing products such as herbs or dried mushrooms.

Stable pouches for spices

Our stand-up pouches not only look stunning, they are also absolutely stable, which can be an essential feature especially when packing spices. Their low weight, the high barrier of the vacuum bag and the practical HookVak closure guarantee perfect product presentation at the point of sale. In everyday use, the stand-up pouch is convincing because it prevents spices from losing their aroma or odours from penetrating or escaping.

Vacuum bags for spices:

  • Protection from germs and spores
  • No ingress of moisture
  • Product remains dry and free-flowing
  • Flavour and structure are retained
  • Various bags for a convincing brand-image

Which spice would you like to package? We will be pleased to advise you. Simply give us a call or write to us.