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Vegetables retain their freshness with ALLFO vacuum bags

Consumers want food to be as natural as possible when it is preserved. Vegetables are among the products that have long since become an indispensable source of healthy food and therefore it is particularly important to retain their naturalness. This also applies to crispy corn on the cob or spicy beetroot. Both types of vegetables are sterilized in vacuum bags from allfo in order to prevent germs on the surface while preserving this delicious treat for as long as possible.

Sterilization in an autoclave

This process is carried out by heating the yellow cobs or the red vegetables to over 100 degrees in an allfo side-seal bag OPA/PP 75/15 121°, a high-quality bag made of barrier film tolerating temperatures of up to 121°C. This particular feature makes this bag type perfectly suitable for sterilization in an autoclave in order to extend the shelf life and improve the safety of the product without the use of preserving agents.

ALLFO vacuum bags for demanding gastronomic enterprises

Even canteen kitchens, which are increasingly turning into sophisticated restaurants, have discovered vacuum bags from allfo when processing vegetables. In order to maintain perfect time management at peak times, more and more chefs are turning to prefabricated meals that are packaged in portions in cooking bags and heated as required. The demands on the quality and the degree of prefabrication of the goods are high. The packaging concept applied makes a decisive contribution to the quality. Allfo’s response to this demand is to keep a large variety of vacuum bags in stock, such as the cook-in bag, for packaging prefabricated vegetables.

Vegetables and potatoes

Vacuum bags are just as frequently used by companies involved in the prefabrication of fresh food. For example, potatoes as a healthy side dish in a wide variety of processing variants are also pre-packaged in vacuum bags in order to take over their share of a tasty meal in addition to vegetables.

Vacuum bags for vegetables

  • Natural foods receive a longer shelf-life
  • Ideal for crispy corncobs or spicy beetroot
  • Suitable for many types of potatoes
  • The perfect choice for sterilization in autoclaves
  • Tolerate temperatures up to 121°C

Which type of vegetable do you intend to package? We will be glad to advise you on all questions about our wide range of vacuum bags. Just give us a call or write to us.