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Crispy bread and baked goods packaged in vacuum bags

A significantly longer shelf life for bread & baked goods is ensured by packaging these products in vacuum bags from allfo. Bread rolls, ciabatta or pita bread can be crispy prepared by the consumer independently of all shop opening hours, as their freshness is fully retained.  Packaged with or without protective gas atmosphere, the pre-prepared bread and baked goods remain fresh and preserved, as germs or spores have no chance inside the vacuum bags. The removal of oxygen prevents the multiplication of oxygen-dependent microorganisms and slows down the oxidation process. Foil bags with an oxygen barrier prevent the damaging oxygen from penetrating again. Also own or other flavouring substances can neither escape nor penetrate.

Better utilization of production capacity, increased reach

Thanks to allfo’s powerful packaging solution, manufacturing companies can also go logistically completely different ways. The products can be manufactured with the aim of longer storage periods, which means that production can be better utilized as there is no time pressure on the shelf life of the products. By using vacuum bags, manufacturers can also dispense with chemical preservation, which is becoming less and less tolerated by consumers.

Vacuum bags with a high barrier also create reaches to customers across national borders and even continents. Longer distances and stronger climatic fluctuations can thus be controlled easily.

Vacuum bags in different sizes

Vacuum-packaged bread and baked goods in bags are still successful in the retail trade. The reason: they are very flexible in terms of product size, batch size and product geometry. The great asset: Companies packaging products of different sizes or geometries do not have to retool their machines every time.  It is sufficient for them to have different bag sizes in stock, which allfo can deliver quickly at any time, even in large quantities.

Vacuum bags for bread & baked goods:

  • Significantly longer shelf-life
  • Freshness is maintained, with or without protective gas atmosphere
  • Bread rolls, ciabatta or pita bread turn into crispy treats
  • Prevent the reproduction of oxygen-dependent microorganisms
  • Slow down the oxidation process

Which bread and baked goods would you like to package? We will be glad to advise you. Just give us a call or write to us.