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Convenience food relies on ALLFO cook-in bags

Cooks love the benefits of convenience bags, which enable varied and high-quality meals even at peak times. Convenience food also meets the needs of consumers. The prefabricated products relieve the consumer of various work steps and speed up the preparation of meals. This is why convenience products are not only popular with cooks, but also with employees, singles, people with little cooking experience or little time as well as seniors.

Packaging is our priority

The packaging and presentation of convenience products comes to the fore when the ready-made dishes are stored and finally prepared. Generally, vacuum bags are used to perform functions according to specific requirements. Manufacturers of convenience products want to present their products to their customers in an optimal and appealing way. At the same time, further processing must be made as convenient as possible. For this purpose, our stand-up pouches, available in four standard sizes with a volume from 250 ml to two litres, are particularly suitable. Due to their temperature tolerance of up to 100°C, these bag types are also suitable for cooking processes.

Long shelf life – excellent flavour

Allfo cook-in bags are ideal for quick dishes, as their high-performance barrier film retains the flavours of the meals for a considerably long time. Prior to consumption, the soups, meat dishes, vegetables or stews only need to be heated, garnished and served. Cook-in bags from allfo not only tolerate temperatures of up to 121°C, but are also extremely reliable at temperatures as low as minus 40°C – without delamination, leaking, flex-cracking or streaking. This advantage is particularly interesting for food processing companies when freezing their products after pre-cooking. Convinced? Then you will certainly be pleased to know that we always have numerous bag sizes and types in stock, even in large quantities, so that we can quickly supply you with the perfect bag for your convenience products.  

Vacuum bags for convenience products

  • Ease routine work in canteen kitchens
  • Preparation of meals is more efficient
  • Appealing, appetizing presentation
  • Convenient processing
  • Quality of the meals is not compromised

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