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BREVAC supplies us with high-quality tubular films

Tubular bags without side seams are a highly sought-after packaging solution when products need to be presented in an especially eye-catching way. Brevac, our sister company specialised in the manufacture of tubular films, supplies us with the films for the production of our bags. Our in-house production halls are equipped with several extruders on which the liquid plastics material is blown upwards. For this purpose the melt is pressed trough a tool with an annular nozzle. The impressive production scenario involves several columns of hoses up to 20 metres high, virtually floating in the air.




BREVAC films score in length

Brevac’s PA/PE films with up to eighteen layers are placed on top of each other by means of a blow head. As a consequence, they are not only characterized by their high barrier properties, but are also seamless and available in any length. These tubular films not only provide protection for the aroma of the products, but also significantly extend their shelf life expiration date. Classic products packaged with bags made of tubular film from BREVAC are, for example, sausages, which receive a second skin due to the fact that they fit perfectly to their curves and contours. Cheese cuts, fresh meat, sausage products, fish or snacks also find an appealing and highly transparent packaging solution with tubular bags. Tubular films may also be slit and used as lidding film for trays or as flow wrap.  

Completely seamless – transparent or tinted

Tubular bags are available highly transparent or in tinted versions. All variants can be sealed on any standard vacuum chamber machine. The company’s in-house laboratory and application technology centre enables us to develop and test individual bag solutions in cooperation with brevac and allvac.
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