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Vacuum bag for food from allfo ensures your products look great

Vac pack food bags are the first choice for the perfect presentation of your goods! The PA/PE barrier film clings to your products like a second skin, showcasing their curves and contours to their best advantage. Be it sausage, cheese, fresh meat, fish, or snacks - the highly transparent vac pack food packaging from allfo packs everything attractively. Vacuum pouches can truly stand out - and more!

Vac pack food bags: Advantages of the vacuum sealer solution

Using allfo’s vac pack food bags offers advantages beyond attractive presentation: Vacuum packaging extends the shelf life of the packaged products, as the lack of oxygen in the packaging inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold. Also, the aroma and freshness of the products are preserved for longer. These effects are supported by the excellent barrier properties of the vac pack food bags. This barrier protects the packaged product from external influences. Additionally, printed vacuum pouches as well as not printed pouches are very robust due to their puncture resistance and provide reliable protection against damage during transport and storage.

Vac pack food bags in many variations

allfo vac pack food bags are available in various thicknesses and widths. The seal bags are commonly available in thicknesses from 60 my to 160 my and in dimensions from 75 mm x 200 mm to 1300 mm x 1000 mm. We have numerous standard formats in stock and can therefore offer short delivery times. You receive our vac pack food bags exactly as you need them! We are also happy to manufacture the vacuum pouches in your desired special size. With flexo surface printing, we can also print your desired vac pack food bag with up to ten colors.

Buy vac pack food bags at allfo - quality at the highest level

Buying vacuum seal bags is a matter of trust! allfo is a vac pack food bag manufacturer with over 60 years of experience in the market. We know our way around the production and distribution of vac pack food bags. We guarantee the special quality of our vac pack food bags by using only high-quality materials for production and modern manufacturing technologies. We rely on careful quality control throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality. In addition to a wide range of standard models for various applications, we also manufacture individual vac pack food bags for your special requirements. Your satisfaction comes first at allfo. That's why we attach great importance to competent advice and first-class service.

Find vac pack food bag manufacturers online: it’s a matter of trust

As an experienced and reliable vac pack food bag manufacturer, allfo has been established in the market for several decades. From the production of the films with state-of-the-art extruder technology, the production of the vac pack food bags on ultra-modern production facilities, to the competent and friendly advice provided by our staff, right through to the dispatch of the bags. We always ensure that our service meets high standards. Our qualified team ensures that we meet your expectations in terms of quality and service throughout all stages of production and distribution. allfo is a form-fill-seal manufacturer that provides you with competent support at every individual step up to your securely and attractively packaged goods.

Your benefits:

  • Excellent product presentation with extraordinary gloss of the packaging
  • Excellent product safety and aroma protection
  • Tested quality - from the raw material to the finished bag
  • Very wide product range - bag thickness from 60my to 160my, bag dimensions from 75mm x 200mm to 1300mm x 1000mm
  • Excellent workability
  • Consistent quality
  • Extensive stock range


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Frequently Asked Questions

How are goods packed with a vacuum bag for food?

To pack goods in a vac pack food bag, the item to be packed must first be placed in the bag. Then the open part of the bag is placed over the sealing strip of the vacuum chamber machine and the machine is started. The machine sucks the air out of the bag and out of the chamber, creating a vacuum. As soon as the desired vacuum level is reached, the bag is automatically sealed. The bag is now sealed and the goods inside are packed airtight.

What is the advantage of using PA/PE films for the production of vac pack food bags?

PA/PE films have several advantages in the production of vac pack food packaging. They offer excellent barrier properties against oxygen, water vapor, and other gaseous substances. The films are very transparent and puncture-resistant and protect the packaged product from external influences such as moisture, dirt, or bacteria. Bags made of PA/PE films are flexible and adaptable and can be sealed on all common vacuum chamber machines.

How long can goods be stored in vac pack food bags?

The storage time of goods in a vac pack food bag depends on several factors, such as the type of product packed, the type of film, the vacuum level, and the storage conditions. In general, the storage time for vacuum-packed goods is longer than unpacked goods, as the absence of oxygen and other gaseous substances inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold and therefore slows down or prevents the goods from spoiling. However, vacuum-packed products should also be checked regularly for their shelf life, as they can spoil despite being vacuum-packed, depending on the product type and storage conditions.