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Multilayer bags from ALLFO provide for maximum safety and optimum maturation

The multilayer bag made of high-quality PA/PE film guarantees your product one thing in particular: protection – even under high humidity conditions. Depending on the product, different material layers up to high barriers are applied. The multilayer bag’s 5-, 7- or 9-layer structure enables an extension of the shelf life of food and, for example, provides optimum maturation conditions for cheese. The PA- and/or EVOH-barrier layer sandwiched between the PE-layers is geared exactly to your product, preventing external oxygen from influencing the ripening process of cheese and, at the same time, allowing the resulting CO2 gases to escape.

Multilayer bags protect against damage

In addition to the controlled gas exchange of hard and sliced cheese or vegetables, the barrier layer ensures that the multilayer bags reliably protect the products from damage. The bags are also particularly suitable for the vacuum packaging of peeled potatoes or diverse vegetables.

Allfo multilayer bags keep them appetizing and fresh. The high flexcracking resistance prevents air penetration, resulting in significantly less food spoilage. In particular hygroscopic technical products should be protected from moisture in bags with high barrier properties.

The multilayer bags are available in film thicknesses from 50my to 200my and in sizes from 250 mm x 200 mm to 1300 mm x 1000 mm.

The advantages of multilayer bags:

  • Made of high-quality PA/PE barrier film
  • Product protection even at high humidity levels
  • 5-, 7- or 9-layer structure
  • Exactly tailored to your requirements
  • Controlled gas exchange potential


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