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PRESS RELEASE: shelf life talent shrink bag

Shrink bags from allfo are attractive packaging solutions for fresh food.

Maximum shelf life with minimal packaging: allfo shrink bags fit tightly around fish, meat, sausage or cheese and not only extend the shelf life of fresh food, but also present it in a particularly attractive way. The tight fit protects food from discolouration caused by oxidation; the high transparency and gloss of the shrink bags make the packaged goods an eye-catcher on the shop counter. The shrink bags from allfo also impress with a high oxygen barrier, high shrink values and excellent puncture resistance as well as an overlapping seal and very high seal seam strength.

‘Our shrink bags wrap around fresh food like a second skin. This extends the shelf life and at the same time protects against unappetising greying of the goods due to oxidation. With fresh meat, shrink bags also reliably prevent meat juices from escaping,’ explains Peter Hotz, Managing Director of allfo GmbH & Co. KG. Another advantage: because the bag fits tightly around the product, storage and transport with packaging in shrink bags is particularly space-saving.

Wide range
The packaging specialist from Waltenhofen (Bavaria) has a wide range of shrink bags for vacuum chamber machines. allfo offers its shrink bags in different types, either with a PVDC or EVOH barrier. ASB bags with a PVDC barrier are always used when a good gas and moisture barrier is required. They are the solution for foods that are sensitive to oxygen and moisture, such as meat and sausage products and cheese. The PVDC shrink bags are available in thicknesses of 48μ and 80μ and are temperature-resistant down to -25/+70 degrees Celsius (max. 2 hours).

High barrier against oxygen
The shrink bags with EVOH barrier are particularly good for packaging fresh meat and frozen fish products, as they offer excellent high barrier properties against oxygen. Thanks to their high puncture resistance, even sharp products such as meat with bones are safely and reliably protected. The packaging specialist allfo offers its EVOH shrink bags in two versions: as ASB bags in 48μ and 80μ thicknesses with a temperature resistance of -25/+70 degrees Celsius (max. 2 hours) and as ABSC cooking bags in 55μ thickness, which are temperature-resistant up to -25/+100 degrees Celsius (max. 1 hour). The boil-in-bag variant is suitable for packaging products that are cooked or pasteurised. 

Allfo manufactures all shrink bags with round bottoms, side seams or straight bottom seams, depending on customer requirements. Production on a chain and finishing with flexographic printing are also possible.

The shrink process
The different shrink bag variants from allfo can be used on all standard vacuum chamber machines. The machine sucks the air out of the bag and thus ensures the vacuum seal. Once the bag has been vacuum-sealed, it is shrunk in a second step using a shrink tunnel or in a water bath. The shrinking process makes the packaging fit snugly and tightly around the goods like a second skin.

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