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PRESS RELEASE: ecoLINE in new shape

Material-saving packaging innovation now also available as tubular bags

"Less is more" is the motto of the ecoLINE vacuum bag and this now also applies to tubular bags. For the first time, allfo is offering its 50μ slim bag innovation as a tubular bag solution in addition to the side-sealed bag. Instead of the usual 90μ thickness, the PA/PE bag has a thickness of just 50μ, saving 45 per cent material. The ecoLINE vacuum bag is doubly sustainable: in addition to the material savings, it also scores highly in terms of recyclability, as ecoLINE is recyclable as a PA/PE bag according to the Packaging Act. 

"The fact that we can now also offer our environmentally friendly ecoLINE as a tubular bag is simply great and another step towards our goal of expanding ecoLINE as a fully-fledged range. As a packaging specialist, we see it as our responsibility and duty to design and develop resource-saving packaging solutions. With ecoLINE as a tubular bag variant, we are honouring this claim and offering our customers an expanded product portfolio for environmentally friendly packaging," explains Peter Hotz, Managing Director of allfo GmbH & Co. KG.

ecoLINE as tubular bag
Tubular bags fit meat, sausage, cheese, fish or vegetables like a second skin and show off the packaged goods perfectly without any side seams. They are therefore the first choice in the food industry for optimum product presentation on shop shelves. With ecoLINE from allfo, this is now also possible with reduced material usage and an environmental benefit. The vacuum bag scores with 45 per cent material savings, making it the environmentally friendly alternative to conventional PA/PE vacuum bags. In contrast to 90μ thick tubular bags, ecoLINE is only 50μ thick and is in no way inferior to the "classic" bags in terms of its packaging properties. PA (polyamide) provides an oxygen barrier and flavour protection, while PE (polyethylene) creates a moisture barrier and very good sealing properties. During development, allfo focussed on a high barrier and high stability of the bags. The ecoLINE bagoffers excellent product protection thanks to its good barrier properties and puncture resistance. It is also food-safe, quick to seal and suitable for all vacuum machines.

Reduced weight
The reduced film thickness of ecoLINE is also reflected in its weight: the material-reduced vacuum bag weighs just 5.80 grams, while classic tubular bags from allfo weigh 10.36 grams. "Extrapolated to 1,000 vacuum bags in the 200 x 300 mm size, that's around four and a half kilograms of material that we save thanks to ecoLINE," explains Harald Wörner, Head of Technical Sales at allfo. In concrete terms, this means: 4.5 kilograms of film per 1,000 bags that do not have to be produced, processed, recycled or disposed of. This is not only good for the environment, but may also save money. It is already a fact in other countries, such as Spain, and could also be the future in Germany: Anyone who purchases packaging has to pay a kind of plastic tax. This is based on the weight of the packaging, which means that the less the packaging weighs, the lower the costs for the user.

Different shapes and sizes
The ecoLINE range from allfo includes tubular bags and side-sealed bags in various shapes and sizes: The tubular bag variant is available from 100 x 150 mm up to 400 x 600 mm (W x L). ecoLINE as a side-sealed bag is available in sizes from 150 x 200 mm up to 400 x 600 mm (W x L) as well. The 50μ slim side-sealed bag offers the same product properties as conventional side-sealed bags and is a versatile packaging solution for food and non-food products. Thanks to the four seals (sealed edge), powdery, liquid and solid goods are packaged particularly hygienically. The sealing edge provides a reliable seal and protects the packaged goods and food from air, moisture and other environmental influences. "With our expanded ecoLINE portfolio, we offer our customers environmentally friendly and cost-efficient packaging solutions for almost any requirement," says Hotz.


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