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Protection for pharmaceutical products

For the pharmaceutical industry, vacuum bags from allfo offer the best protection during transport and against the penetration of moisture or dirt, especially when packaging free-flowing or granulated products. This is ensured by the barrier properties of the bags made of PA/PE barrier film. Medicinal herbs, healing teas or powders can be vacuum packed in side-seal bags, which provide an oxygen barrier and aroma protection thanks to the polyamide. The polyethylene provides the moisture barrier and excellent sealing properties.

Stand-up pouches for pharmaceutics

In the pharmaceutical industry, however, the stand-up pouch from allfo is also very much in demand; available in various material combinations it is an incentive to buy in drugstores or pharmacies. The pouch not only has a traditional place on the shelves, but is equally popular with consumers and manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry. Stand-up pouches from allfo are very stable and convince with their low weight and high oxygen barrier. The strong compound ensures that the consumer can easily pour or decant the contents of the pouch, while the practical tear notch and the zip closure serve as popular opening aids.

Printed vacuum bags

We are aware that the topic of labelling is extremely important in the pharmaceutical industry. Our vacuum bags can be printed with up to ten colours, allowing all important product descriptions to be placed and even an advertising message to be conveyed.

Vacuum bags for pharmaceutics

  • Suitable for pourable or free-flowing products
  • No penetration of moisture or dirt
  • Low weight and high oxygen barrier
  • Ideal for medicinal herbs, healing teas or powders
  • Strong sales presentation with stand-up pouch

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