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ECOLINE - environmentally friendly packaging

Less is more: The new ECOLINE vacuum bag from allfo uses 45 per cent less material and thus protects the environment. Instead of the usual 90µ thickness, the PA/PE bag innovation manages with a thickness of a slim 50µ. For 1,000 vacuum bags, this means a weight saving of four kilograms - four kilograms of plastic that do not have to be produced, processed, recycled or disposed of.

Good news for the food industry: in the slim bag, meat and dairy products are not only top protected, but also cut a good figure. According to the new packaging law, ECOLINE is recyclable as a PA/PE bag and thus scores not only in material savings but also in recyclability.

The advantages of ECOLINE:

  • less packaging costs
  • less CO2 emissons
  • recyclable
  • less material
  • excellent transparency
  • excellent barrier properties
  • high puncture resistance
  • food compatible
  • can be used on all vacuum chamber machines


Do you have any questions about our sustainable vacuum bag VACrenew? Then we look forward to your e-mail or your call.