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VAC 95+ ordner now

The new recyclable bag is available now

allfo has developed the new side seal bag Vac 95+, which is 100% recyclable and does meet the highest requirements of the recycling economy.

For the sustainable structure of this bag, the company allfo has received the EU-wide certification of the institute cyclos-HTP in the highest category, recyclable class AAA.

The high barrier properties water vapour H2O, oxygen O2, carbon dioxide CO2 and nitrogen N2 ensure that food can be preserved for a long time. The Vac 95+ can be used on all standard vacuum chamber machines due to its excellent sealability.

Once the bag has been disposed of properly, the material can be identified and sorted out by up to date recycling plants. The recyclate can be reused for new products.

With the new bag, perishable foodstuffs, including cheese, meat, fish and vegetables, can be vacuumed and protected from spoilage as usual.

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