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Recyclable vacuum bag from ALLFO is certified

Triple A for maximum purity

Vacuum bags with optimum barrier properties have so far not been recyclable, due to their material mix consisting of polyamide and polyethylene. It is now ALLFO’s turn to introduce a vacuum bag featuring the renowned high barrier, while being fully recyclable. This particular bag type is manufactured from a recyclable polypropylene structure classified as ultra-pure in the AAA category. The sealing properties of the vacuum bags specially developed by ALLFO are equally convincing.

New formula

Vacuum bags produced by implementing this new formula can be identified, sorted out and processed into high-purity recyclate in state-of-the-art recycling plants. “This is the obvious next step in the right direction”, states Harald Gessinger, Sales Manager at ALLFO. With regard to the latest generation of vacuum bags, the company has now received the highest level of EU-wide certification from the cyclos-http institute. 

Environmentally friendly alternative

The environmentally friendly innovation aims to meet the significantly increased demand for alternatives that minimize environmental impact. Research and development of the new formula have been initiated and conducted in the company’s own laboratory and application technology centre. As in the past, particularly sensitive food products such as meat, sausage, fish or seafood are packaged in these bags. The same applies to cheese, potatoes, ready meals or vegetables, all of which will remain fresh for longer and are protected against spoilage both during transport and on retail shelves. 

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About ALLFO Vakuumverpackungen:
ALLFO Vakuumverpackungen is the European market leader for high-quality vacuum bags available in various sizes and film thicknesses. The portfolio is perfectly complemented by ALLVAC, the sister company specialising in the manufacture of barrier composite films based on polyethylene and polyamide, which form the basis for vacuum bag production. BREVAC, the third sister company, specialises in coextruded blown films. All three companies are completely coordinated in production. ALLFO Vakuumverpackungen has been united with its sister companies at the new company location in the Waltenhofen industrial estate since 2017. Around 270 employees, including six trainees, work on almost 23,000 square meters of production and storage space and in the three-storey administration building. The company group was founded in 1966 by Hans Bresele senior and is today managed by his son.

Press contact:
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