ALLFO subscribes to sustainability: Economy, ecology and social issues.

Sustainability is more than protection of the environment. It also stands for modern management, the protection of jobs and a good company culture, a healthy ecological ambition and the awareness of being responsible for the people and for our planet. For these reasons sustainability is of utmost importance for us. We are aware of the fact that it is not a surefire success. It is vital to recognize the signs of the times and to prepare ALLFO strategically according to these principles for the future.


What are the accomplishments of our management?

Not only have we invested heavily in the future by merging the three affiliated companies ALLFO, ALLVAC and BREVAC at one site, we have also emphasized our image as a high-performance alliance in the packaging sector. We share human resources for example and benefit from our cooperation.

Our customers reap the benefits of our more flexible individual solutions to their packaging issues.


What do our products do for sustainability?

We are aware of the fact that approximately 1.3 billion tons of food are spoiled and have to be disposed of. This is a depressingly large number which makes it even more important for us to develop innovative packaging which help to conserve food while saving resources at the same time. This has a positive effect on our CO2 emissions and is beneficial to our environment. Preserving food and securing it for consumption is an important motive for the development of our packaging solutions. We are therefore convinced to support the initiative “Save Food“. This initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) fights against the worldwide waste of food. By offering worldwide access to local food producers to appropriate packaging technologies and solutions, products can be made durable and transportable.


What does our production achieve?

In addition to applying state-of-the-art technologies we also pay particular attention to material and energy efficiency. Avoiding waste is extremely important for us, not only for ecological but also for economic reasons. In order to offer the best possible support to our customers, we cooperate with manufacturers of filling- and packaging- machines.

During the production process of our vacuum bags waste is generated which is not only sorted painstakingly but whose quota is carefully monitored in the framework of our waste management. If the production of waste is unavoidable, it will be recycled. Unavoidable waste is regranulated in our facilities and we gain valuable raw materials, e.g. for flower boxes, building materials and furniture.

What does our facility management contribute?

Since our production processes are very energy-intensive, energy efficiency is of utmost importance. We were able to install an extensive energy management system utilizing ISO 50001. Our monthly energy-monitoring compiles and analyses statistics concerning consumption of electric energy. We are especially interested in our principal consumers’ individual energy flows. By monitoring these energy flows we are able to recognize changes systematically and react to them selectively. We use heat recovery to heat our rooms. Heat generated during our production processes can be utilized sensibly and in an environmentally-friendly manner. We have replaced all incandescent light bulbs with LEDs which are more energy efficient and provide a better working light.

What do we accomplish for you and us?

Laws offer a framework for a fair and responsible business policy and for this reason we gladly adhere to them. In addition we have joined the GKV Code of Conduct. This code comprises competition law, global guidelines concerning human and labour rights and ethical social principles. It can be downloaded from our company’s web site. The way people treat each other is characterized by its civility. Fairness, loyalty, reliability and flat hierarchical structures are vital for us.

We cooperate with distinguished and certified suppliers in order to guarantee a constant quality of our products. Regionality plays an important role in the procurement of consumables, selection of our recyclers or the use of external services. We think it is important to strengthen the business neighbourhood economically.

Sustainably satisfied customers

In order to be economically successful, it is vital for us to satisfy our customers and to see to it that their demands concerning quality, safety and legality are met. In order to accomplish this, we have assigned an employee from the internal sales department to each customer who is in charge of daily communication with the respective client.

To ensure satisfaction of our employees, we modernized our office rooms, equipped them ergonomically and implemented lifting aids for production. We also support our employees with our company pension plan. We supply our administrative staff with flexible work models (e.g. home office or part time).


We live in a world in which packaging and packaging solutions make a positive contribution to an ecologically sensible and economically profitable commitment. This is not wishful thinking, this is factual reality. As employers we also feel socially committed to this claim: Sustainability and packaging are not a contradiction but daily practice at ALLFO! More details can be found in our Sustainability Report.

Holistic sustainability:

  • Sustainability is more than an obligation:
  • Sustainably ecological, economic and social
  • Preventing food waste with “Save Food”
  • Material and energy efficiency combined with waste reduction